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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 79 - 1964  page 196
Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1963-64 Continued

    Pembury Manorial Records [CAT. Mk. U1061]. Purchased from R. C. Hatchwell of Chippenham. Rentals of Pembury, 1587, 1626.
   Boxley Deeds [CAT. Mk. U1066]. Deposited by R. W. Usmar, Esq. of Weavering Street. 18 deeds for a farm in Weavering Street, Boxley, 1540-1628.
   Kenardington and District Deeds [CAT. Mk. U1074]. Deposited by J. R. Fowler, Esq. of Kenardington. 28 deeds for Appledore, Brenzett, Kenardington and Snave, 1561-1773.

   Goudhurst, Marden and Staplehurst Deeds [CAT. Mk. U1080]. Deposited by Messrs. Argles and Court of Maidstone. 32 deeds for Goudhurst, 1565-1727. 42 deeds for Marden, 1632-1754. 25 deeds for Staplehurst, 1665-1858.
   Maps of the Cornwallis-Mann Estate [CAT. Mk. U1084]. Purchased from G. and D. I. Marrin of Hythe. Manor of Wesperhawke in Headcorn, Biddenden and Smarden, 1728; land in Frittenden, c. 1750; farms in Marden and Linton, 1752-4, land in Brenzett and Snargate, 1827.

Page 196

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