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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 79 - 1964  page 194
Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1963-64 Continued

London Journal, Free Briton, Daily Courant and County Journal, 1727-39, Kentish Gazette, 1779-1820.
   Sackville Manorial Records [CAT. Mk. U269 addnl.]. Manorial records of the manors of Sevenoaks and Knole, 1542-1938; of Kemsing and Seal, 1618-1935; of Hundred of Codsheath, 1636-1877; of the Honor of Otford, 1386-1665; 138 sketch maps made in connection with grants of manorial waste, 1789-1905.
   Streatfeild Manorial Records [CAT. Mk. U908 addnl.]. Manorial records of the manors of Chiddingstone Burghersh, c. 1390-1727; of Chiddingstone Cobham, 1572-1746; of Merebrooks in Chiddingstone, 1667-89; of Tyhurst in Chiddingstone, 1612-1717; of Cowden Leighton, 1413-1717; of Cudham, 1718-39; of Stangrave and St. John’s in Edenbridge, 1697-1771; of Sundridge, 1689-1721.

Other large collections
   Von, Anacker MSS.
[CAT. Mk. U1036]. Deposited by Mrs. E. Skjold of Lenham. Pedigrees, correspondence and family papers of the von Anacker family of Saxony and Austria, 1719-1912, including itinerary of a journey from Lisbon to Vienna, 1747, journal of Christian Adolph von Anacker, c. 1760, a few diplomatic papers for Christian Adam von Anacker (d. 1728), 1719-26, military papers of Christian Adam von Anacker (d. 1789), 1748-88, military papers of Emil von Anacker, 1857-63.

   Harris MSS. [CAT. Mk. U624 addnl.]. Deposited by Lord Harris. Military, estate and family papers, nineteenth century.
   Papillon MSS. [CAT. Mk. U1015]. Deposited by Mrs. J. P. Papillon of Tunbridge Wells. Deeds, correspondence and family papers, seventeenth to nineteenth centuries including journals of Thomas and Jane Papillon 1658-93, letter books of Philip Papillon, 1690-1728, accounts, 1643-1726.
   Powell-Cotton MSS. [CAT. Mk. U1063]. Deposited by C. Powell-Cotton, Esq. of Quex Park, Birchington. Deeds and estate papers for the Quex Park estate in Birchington and other parishes in Thanet, fifteenth and nineteenth centuries.

   Smaller collections arranged in order of accession
   Rainham and Upchurch Deeds.
[CAT. Mk. U1018]. Purchased from B. Wakeley of Minehead. 22 deeds for Rainham and Upchurch, 1622-1766. Sale of goods of Edward Eley of Rainham, 1715.
   Gillingham Deeds Deeds [CAT. Mk. U1022]. Deposited by Major S. V. Christie-Miller of Salisbury. 67 deeds for Gillingham, 1327-1639. Vice-Admiralty Court order for the collection of fines for the Gillingham area, 1629. Admission of an almsman to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, Rochester, 1631.
   Ashford and Willesborough Deeds [CAT. Mk. U1023]. Deposited by

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