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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 79 - 1964  page 193
Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1963-64 Continued

of Chevening, 1621-1935; of Sundridge, 1394-1938; of Prepositure of Otford, 1388-1937; c. 115 deeds of Chevening and Otford.
   Cohen MSS. [CAT. Mk. U1000/9]. Manorial records of the manors of Dachurst, Hildenborough, Lamport, Martin Abbey and Nizells, 1583-1942; of Shoreham, 1650-1887; of the Hundred of Somerden, 1670-1833; of Penshurst Halimote alias Otford Weald, 1662-1924; of the Honor of Otford, 1397-1939. 19 deeds of the Honor of Otford, 1805-63.
   Dr. Gordon Ward Collection [CAT. Mk. U1000/10]. Stewards’ draft papers for manors of Chepstead, Hever, Kingsdown and Maplescombe, c. 1840-1921; for Ashurst, Brasted, Broxham, Stangrave and St. John’s in Edenbridge, Caldecote, Downe, Hovells in Halstead, Hever Brocas and Cobham, Penshurst, Rensley in Chiddingstone, Shipbourne, Speldhurst, Sundridge, Piccards in Wadhurst (co. Sussex) and Star-borough in Lingfield and Ford (co. Surrey), 1623-1758; c. 300 deeds and some estate papers for Brasted, Chevening, Chiddingstone, Cowden, Edenbridge, Hever, Kemsing, Leigh, Otford, Penshurst, Seal, Sevenoaks, Shoreham, Sundridge, Westerham, 1360-1903; parochial lay subsidy assessments for hundreds of Somerden, Westerham and Edenbridge, and Codsheath , 1628; hearth tax return for Penshurst, 1663, parliamentary assessment for Seal, 1652, Sevenoaks poor rate assessments, 1741; copies of tithe awards for Seal, 1839, and Shoreham, 1843; maps of Sevenoaks, c. 1750-1804, Chevening, Sevenoaks and Sundridge, 1829.

   Miscellaneous Collections [CAT. Mk. U1000/11-19]. Correspondence between Mary Tilden and her brother Edward Weller of Faversham, 1720-53; estreats of fines and forfeitures de pipa in N.W. Kent, 1662; receipts in the Exchequer for lands in knights’ service, 1634; papers relating to S.E. railway, 1835-44; maps of Hunton, 1656, Chevening, 1807, Riverhead, c. 1810.
   Polhill-Drabble MSS. [CAT. Mk. U1007]. Manorial records of the manor of Dunton in Otford, c. 1450-1550; of Otford, 1403, 1577-c. 1675; of Shoreham, c. 1300-c. 1600; of Planners and Uppsepham in Shoreham, c. 1556-80; a large number of deeds and estate papers for Chelsfleld, Chevening, Chipstead, Edenbridge, Ightham, Kemsing, Otford, Sevenoaks, Shoreham, Stansted, Sundridge, Wrotham and for• London, Norfolk, Sussex and Yorkshire, 1189-c. 1850; estate accounts, 1699-1805; correspondence, c. 1600-1940; diaries and journals, 1772-1849; official papers of shrievalty, 1661-1742, militia, 1705-1799, commissions, 1693-1761, record keeper, Tower of London, 1707-53; parliamentary papers, 1711-1815; faculties and other ecclesiastical papers; 1714-1851; various printed papers from c. 1650, including pamphlets and political ballads, 1650-1850, papers on state of France, 1792, odd copies of New York Journal and Herald of Freedom, 1774-90, North Briton, 1763-70,

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