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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 79    1964  page 13

The Chetney Hill Lazaret

By P. Froggatt, M.A., M.D., D.P.H.

and remnants of ruined walls, and the graves of eight 'strangers' in the parish of Iwade,97 are all that now remain of this unique and costly episode in British preventive medicine.


(P.R.O. A.O. 1/2499/434)

Final Account of Transactions op James Wyatt, Esq., as Surveyor of H.M. Works between 5th January, 1800 and 6th January, 1812

   The Declaration of the final Account of James Wyatt, Esq., late Surveyor of H.M. Works, of money received and expended by him for Works done at the Houses of Parliament, the Speaker's House, the Prisons of the King's Bench, Fleet and Marshalsea, the Journal Office at the House of Commons, the buildings of Somerset Place, the Lazarettoes at Chetney Hill, and the Secretary of State's Office for the War Department in Parliament Street, and also two accounts for works done at the Houses of the Commissioners for victualling, and at the Tax Office, between 5th January, 1800 and 6th January, 1812.


5th January, 1801 to 5th January, 1802        20,000
5th January, 1802 to 5th January, 1803        10,000
5th January, 1803 to 5th January, 1804        20,000
5th January, 1804 to 5th January, 1805        15,000
5th January, 1805 to 5th January, 1806        20,000
5th January, 1806 to 5th July,       1806        10,000
                                                    Total        95,000

   The Accountant is surcharged with the following sums being the amount of disallowances made by George Saunders, Esq., Architect, on the bills of sundry artificers and labourers . . . ; which disallowances are particularized and prepared ... by George Saunders, Esq., and transmitted to the Treasury.
   57 The burials of seven men and one woman entered as 'strangers' are recorded by name in the parish register of Iwade (which includes Chetney), for Michaelmas 1806 to Michaelmas, 1807. No deaths occurred in the Stangate Creek lazaret hulks at this time, and drowned persons' names are seldom known. The 'strangers' might have been connected with the building.

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