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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 78  1963 Contents page v + vi



List of Officers, xii ; List of Local Secretaries, xiv; Committees, xv; Corresponding Societies,
    xvi; List of Members, xviii; Report for 1963 Accounts for 1962 and 1963 Archaeologia
   Cantiana Fund—Donations, 1963
1. Wickham Court and the Heydons. By Mother Mary Gregory, L.M., M.A.Oxon 01
2. Finds from a Seventh Century Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Milton Regis. 
   By Sonia Chadwick Hawkes and L. R. A. Grove

3. Rochester Cathedral in 1634. By V. J. Torr 39
4. The Romano-British Farmstead at Eastwood, Fawkham. By Brian J. Philp 55
5. Romano-British West Kent. By Brian J. Philp 74
6. The Arthurian Campaign. By John Evans, F.S.A. 83
7. The Field System of an East Kent Parish (Deal). By Alan B. H. Baker, B.A., Ph.D. 96
8. Faversham Schoolboy Sculptures. By Canon W. Telfer, M.C., D.D. 118
9. Excavations at Eccles, 1962: First Interim Report. By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot 125
10. The Vanishing Houses of Kent: 3. Leeds Priory Gate House. By E. W. Parkin 142
11. Regional Differences in Crop Production in Mediaeval Kent. By Ann Smith 147

Contents continued page vi

12. Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1962-63 161
13. Researches and Discoveries in Kent 165
14. Miscellaneous Notes 204
15. Reviews 212
16. Obituaries 220
17. Notes for the Guidance of Contributors to Archaeologia Cantiana, 225
18. General Index 228

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