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Archaeologia Cantiana - Vol. 78  1963  page 141

Excavations at Eccles, 1962: First Interim Report.
By A. P. Detsicas, M.A., F.S.A. Scot

which belongs to the villa's living quarters. The tessellation consisted of tesserae cut from the standard red and buff tiles, and was laid upon an opus signinum floor, about 3 inches in thickness and showing signs of subsidence to the North-East ; this pavement was badly damaged by the plough, and ended upon a ragstone wall, which was 2 feet thick. South-West of this wall, there was another opus signinum floor, about 2 inches thick, laid over a hard-core foundation of bricks and tiles, and similar to that found East and South-East of Room 16 ; it did not extend as far as the north-eastern limit of the bath building, but there was a space between the floor and the bath building seemingly unoccupied by any structures and where at least one rubbish pit (Fig. 2, Rubbish Pit A) was dug. The function of this floor South-West of the tessellated pavement is not clear, unless it were the floor of a covered corridor or verandah in front of the living accommodation.

On present evidence, it is quite clear that this site is occupied by a large Romano-British villa, which remained in occupation from the early years of the Roman conquest to the end of the Romano-British period. No evidence has so far been forthcoming for any pre- or post-Roman occupation of the site.
   This villa would appear to be at the centre of a large estate, with at least one other building known to have existed in its immediate vicinity.
   There are signs that the villa was also the centre for some unspecified industrial activity, but much further work is needed before anything at all can be said about the economic background of the villa.

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