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Council presents its One Hundred and First Report, and the Statement of Accounts for 1959 (the statement will be circulated with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting).

   At the Annual General Meeting in 1958, Major Teichman Derville intimated that whilst he was willing to remain in office as President for one more year he felt that during the year the Society should seek a new President. At the 1959 Annual General Meeting Major Teichman Derville said that the time had now come for him to lay down the office which he had held continuously since 1939. He expressed gratitude for the support which he had received throughout the whole of the twenty years, a period which had seen, during the earlier years, an inevitable decline in the Society’s fortunes, but more recently a growth from strength to strength so that the Society had become, as we might with some justice claim, the foremost county archaeologica1 society.
   Many Officers and members spoke in appreciation of Major Teichman Derville’s invaluable services to the Society, and the following resolution was passed unanimously and with acclamation :— 
   "The members of the Kent Archaeological Society express their profound gratitude to Major Teichman Derville for his distinguished services as President of the Society for twenty years, a longer period of office than that of any other President in the history of the Society. His devotion to the well-being of the Society and to the 

furtherance of archaeology in Kent, his learning and scholarship, his generosity and hospitality, and his courteous friendliness and constant helpfulness in all the affairs of the Society have inspired the esteem, admiration and affection of the members, who now place their appreciation on permanent record in this Resolution passed at the Annual General Meeting on the 9th May, 1959."
   Subsequently a beautifully illuminated copy of the resolution, inscribed by Mr. F. C. Elliston Erwood, was presented to Major Teichman Derville.
   At the Annual General Meeting Lt. Col. G. W. Meates, Chairman of Council, on behalf of Council, submitted the name of Mr. Thomas Neame, M.A., F.S.A., for election as President, adducing cogent reasons why Mr. Neame would be a fitting successor to Major Teichman Derville. Several members spoke in favour of the nomination, and on being put to the meeting the resolution was carried unanimously. Major Teichman Derville then installed Mr. Neame in the President’s chair.
   Council has resolved that Major Teichman Derville, as Past President, shall enjoy all the privileges of a Vice-President and of an Honorary Member.

   It is with deep regret that Council reports the death, in November, of Major Eric Clarke, of Cranbrook. A member of the Society for nearly forty years, he had been a valued member of Council, and also acted for many years as Local Secretary.

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