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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 72 - 1958  page 182

Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1957-58

The principal accessions received in the County Archives Office between 1st August, 1957, and 31st July, 1958 have been:

   Queenborough [CAT. Mk Qb] transferred on loan by Queenborough Borough Council.
   Administration: Statute book, 14th century, with entries of ordinances and freedoms, 1452-91; assembly books, 1728-1835; appointments and bonds of officers, 16th to 19th centuries; legal and parliamentary papers, 19th century.
   Finance: Chamberlain’s accounts, etc., 1611-1883; oyster fishery books, 1753-c.1810; oyster accounts and vouchers, 1721-1839; land balliff’s vouchers, 1734-1844; miscellaneous vouchers, 1574-1840.
   Justice: Sessions rolls, 1721-1835; sessions orders, 1819-85; licensed victuallers’ recognizances, 1598-1650; oath rolls, 1714-23; sacrament certificates, c.1673-1717; borough court plea books, 1573-1735; borough court papers, 17th-18th centuries; view of frankpledge, etc., 1496-1885; court baron, etc. papers, c.1600-1750.
Registration: Freemen’s certificates, 1703-24; freemen’s 

lists, 1754-1817; precepts, oaths, etc. for freemen, 18th century; poll books, 1688-1826; certificates of election of M.P.’s., 1583-1812; apprenticeship indentures, 1598-1839.
   Title deeds: Queenborough, Seasalter, Woolwich, Minster, etc., 1569-19th century; oyster fishery, 1726; copperas works, 1640.
   Miscellanea: charitable briefs for Queenborough church, 1660; papers for lieutenancy, market, port, etc., c. 1570-1880.

Rochester Bishopric Estates [CAT. Mk. CCRb] deposited by the Church Commissioners.
Manorial documents: Rochester, Bromley, Halling, Cuxton, Snodland, Stone-next-Dartford, Trottiscliffe, 1636-1859. Title-deeds:
   Bromley, Denton, etc., 1723-1874.
   Rochester Chapter Estates [CAT. Mk. CCRc] deposited by the Church Commissioners.
   Manorial documents: court books, 1510-1750, 1852-64, and surveys

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