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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 70  1956  page v + vi



List of Officers, xii, xiii; List of Local Secretaries, xiv; Records Branch, xv; Corresponding
   Societies, xvi, xvii; List of Members, xviii  Accounts for 1955 xxxviii ;
.  Sustentation Fund, xl ;  1956 Rules  xli
1. The Origin and First Hundred Years of the Society
   By Frank W. Jessup, Honorary General Secretary

2. A Group of Mounds on Seasalter Level, near Whitstable, and the Medieval Imbanking 
   in this Area. By M. W. Thompson 

3. Sir Arnald Savage of Bobbing. By Professor J. S. Roskell, M.A., D.Phil 68
4. An Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Holborough, Kent. By Vera I. Evison 84
5. The Whitstable Copperas Industry. By Robert H. Goodsall, F.R.I.B.A. 142
6. Ritual Burials on the Upchurch Marshes. By I. Noel Hume 160
7. The "Temple of Mithras" at Burham. By R. F. Jessup, F.S.A. 168
8. St. Thomas a Becket’s Well, Otford. By F. B. Pateman and others 172
9. Old Stones, Ightham. By Sir Edward Harrison 178
10. An Anglo-Saxon Grave near Dartford, Kent. By David M. Wilson 187
11. Nameless or Nehallenia. By Frank Jenkins, F.S.A. 192
12. Miscellaneous Notes on some Kent Roads and Allied Matters. 
   By F. C. Elliston-Erwood, F.S.A.


Contents continued page vi

13. Kentish Historiography. By Felix Hull, B.A., Ph. D. 221
14. Inventory of Richard Hooker, 1601. Edited by Rosemary Keen, B.A. 231
15. Further Bee Boles in Kent. By V. F. Desborough 237
16. Kent Archives Office—Accessions 1955-56 241
17. Researches and Discoveries in Kent 246
18. Reviews:
   The First Englishman in Japan. By P. G. Rogers 
   Kent Inns: A Distillation. By Anne Roper and H. R. Pratt Boorman
   Bones for the Archaeologist. By I. W. Cornwall 
Cranbrook: A Wealden Town. By C. C. B. Pile 
   A History of All Saints’ Church, Whitstable. By I. W. Green
19. Obituary: S. R. Hobday, O.B.E., F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S,   C. A. G. Coles 285
20. General Index 286

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