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List of Officers, xii  ; List of Local Secretaries, xiv; Records Branch, xv; Corresponding
   Societies, xvi ; List of Members, xviii. Report for the Year ended 31st December, 1955 xl ;
   Accounts for 1954 xlviii ; Sustentation Fund, 1955 l
1. The Jutish Cemetery at Lyminge. By Alan Warhurst, B.A., A.M.A. 01
2. The Witan Meets at Canterbury. By Gordon Ward, M.D., F.S.A. 41
3. The 1955 Dover Treasure Trove. By B. H. M. Dolley, F.S.A. 62
4. An Unusual Roman Sherd from the Upchurch Marshes. 
   By J. M. C. Toynbee and I. Noel Hume

5. The Wedding Journey of King Charles I. By Margaret Toynbee, F.S.A. 75
6. Bee Boles and Beehouses. By V. F. Desborough 90
7. Warbank, Keston: A Romano-British Site. By Nancy Piercy Fox, B.A. 96
8. The Berkeleys of Canterbury. By Dorothy Gardiner, F.S.A. 117
9. The Trade of the Port of Faversham, 1650-1750. By J. H. Andrews 125
10. Excavation of a Medieval Garderobe in Snargate Street, Dover, in 1945. 
   By M. M. Rix and G. C. Dunning

11. Thomas Becon, Canon of Canterbury. By H. B. Thomas, O.B.E. 159
12. A Tour into Kent, 1759. Edited by F. Hull, B.A., Ph.D. 171
13. Farewell to Piltdown 179
14. Kent Archives Office. Accessions, 1954-55 187

Contents continued page vi

15. Researches and Discoveries in Kent  198
16. Miscellaneous Notes
   Destruction of Rickson’s Pit, Swanscombe
   A Roman Jet Pendant from Strood
   Scadbury Manor, Chislehurst
   The Woolwich and District Antiquarian Society
17. Reviews:
   Lullingstone Roman Villa. By Colonel G. W. Meates
The Story of Canterbury. By E. F. Lincoln
Historic Haven: The Story of Sandwich. By Dorothy Gardiner
The Story of Milton Parish Church
   English History through Kent Eyes. By Felix Hull
A Vale in Kent—A Historical Guide to the Darent Valley. By Philip Rogers, B.A.
18. Book Notices 229
19. Obituary:  Frank W. Tyler 230
20. General Index 231

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