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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 69 - 1955  pages 195
Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1954-55 Continued

1907; and Egerton, Bethersden, Boughton Matherbe, and High Halden, 1487-1912.
   Family papers. Patents of nobility, royal licences to change names and genealogical papers of the Mann and Cornwallis families, 1627-1935.
   Estate papers. Surveys, reports and rentals of the Linton, Cranbrook and Egerton estates, 1750-1919.
  Correspondence. Letters from Charles, Marquis Cornwallis, while Governor-General of India and then as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 1786-1804; letters from a serving officer in the Crimea, 1854-55.
   Ecclesiastical. Consecration of a private chapel at Sissinghurst, 1639.
   Miscellaneous. Diaries of the Linton Beagles, 1888-1932.
   Maps. Linton, 1754-1856; High Halden, 1771-1812.
   Geary MSS. [Cat. Mk. U31], presented by Sir William Geary, Bart.
   Manorial documents. Fromonds alias Goodwins and Crombury alias East Crombury in Hadlow, Oxon Hoath in West Peckham and Badlesmere in Shipbourne, 1561- 1809.
   Deeds. Over 500: mainly for Cudham and Downe, 1411-1778; Hadlow, 1593.1839; West Peckham, 1558-1866; and Wrotham, 1591-1825.
   Legal. Tithe wood case at Little Comp, 1709-11.
   Maps. West Peckham and Hadlow, 1621-c.1802; Downe and Cudham, 1725; Wrotham and Leybourne, 1785.

   Weller MSS. [Cat. Mk. U38J, presented by Captain E. Weller-Poley.
   Manorial documents. Tonbridge and Hadlow, 1587.
   Deeds, About 150, mainly for Tonbridge, 1446-1762.
   Official papers. Papers of George Weller, recorder of Queen-borough, 1728-73.
   Miscellaneous. Account of three elections at Rochester and an attempt to suppress the (manorial) market at Chatham, 1710-15.
   Manorial documents of West Court in Gillingham, 1710-1936 [Cat. Mk. U54], presented by Messrs. Arnold, Tuff and Grimwade.
   Manorial documents of many parishes (Farnham Burke Collection) [Cat. Mk. U71], presented by Sir Edward Meyerstein.
   Manorial documents. Brabourne with the Hundred of Bircholt, 1413-1512; Swanscombe, 1698; Goddington alias Gouldington in Chelsfield, 1636-1706; Norsted in Chelsfield, 1617-c. 1750; Aylesford, 1595.1811; rectory of Aylesford, 1458; Preston in Aylesford, 1580; Deane in Westwell, 1711; Grandisson alias Grandisden in Wilmington, 1731-68; Rowhill alias Roughill in  Wilmington, 1726-68; Orlestone, 1389-1477; Aldington, 1530-31; Addington, 1661; Sutton at Hone, 1726-68; Bircholt, 1517; Great Orpington, 1755-59; Albons alias Wymplingbury in East Peckham and Chart and Westburies in Wateringbury, 1570-1715; Minster in Thanet, 1690-1706; St. Manes, Hoo,

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