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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 69 - 1955  pages 188
Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1954-55 Continued

   Society of Friends (Quakers) MSS. [Cat. Mk. N/F], deposited by the Kent Quarterly Meeting of the Society and its constituent Monthly Meetings.
   Kent Quarterly Meeting: minutes and accounts, 1733-1943, miscellanea, 1671-1850. East Kent Monthly Meeting: minutes, 1668-1799; "sufferings," 1655-90; miscellanea, 1672-1799. West Kent Monthly Meeting: minutes, 1669-1874; marriage register, 1722-75; miscellanea, 1660-1853. Ashford Monthly Meeting: minutes, 1673-1764; birth and burial register, 1648-1775. Rochester Monthly Meeting: minutes, 1799-1809; miscellanea, 1799-1863. Ashford, Folkestone and Rochester Preparative Meetings: minutes, etc., 1767-1905.

   Ashburnham (Crowley) MSS. [Cat. Mk. T5444], deposited by J. D. Bickersteth, Esq., per East Sussex County Council.
   Deeds. 73: mainly leases for Blackheath and Greenwich, 1700-1830. Estate papers. Rentals and valuations of the Blackheath and Greenwich Estate, 1761-1882. Full calendar of deeds available.
   Tufton MSS.
[Cat. Mk. U455], deposited by the Hon. P. J. S. Tufton.
   Manorial documents. Hothfield, 1544-1627; Westwell, 1608, 1613; Great and Little Ripton in Ashford, 1396-1645; Wall in Ashford, 1698; Warehorne, 1532-1622;

Sileham in Rainham, c. 1295; Meers Court in Rainham, c. 1700; West Rainham, 1595, 1603; Milton Regis, 1605; Eastcourt in Detling, 1646. Sussex estate (Framfield, Playden, Peasemarsh, Velde, Burcester and Michelham), 1441-1725. Northants estate (Newbottle), 1541-1752. Cheshire estate (Hurlestone), 1673-80.
Deeds. 1195: for Rainham, Upchurch, Hartlip, Gillingham, Lower Halstow, Newington, Milton, Sittingbourne, Borden, Bredhurst, Stockbury, Detling, etc., c. 1200-1884. 1752: for Hothfield, Great and Little Chart, Ashford, Westwell, etc., 1340-1847. 734: for Cranbrook, Sandhurst, Tenterden, Woodchurch, Pluckley, Smarden, Headcorn, etc., 1280-1882. 307: for parishes in and near Romney Marsh, 1319-1784. 74: mainly for Offham, Capel le Ferne and Erith, 1542-1784. 
   377: for Sussex estates (Rye, Iden, Playden, Peasemarsh, Ewhurst, Northiam, Hartfield, etc.), c. 1275-1694. 120: for Northants. estate (Newbottle, etc.), 1493-1755. 103: for London and Middlesex (including Thanet House in Aldersgate St.), 1535-1746. 
   71: for properties in Cheshire and Leicestershire, 1361-1730.
   Family papers. Illuminated pedigree, 1693. Wills, settlements, genealogical notes, etc., 1544-1894. Estate papers, including inventory, 1664, and survey of estate, 1850-51, and accounts, 1664-1926. Legal papers, 1529-1741. Papers relating to adventures with Virginia

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