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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 69  1955  page 40


Frankish wife but this was merely political confirmation of an already existing relationship between the two kingdoms which is well attested by Kentish Saxon finds. The Lyminge finds fall convincingly into the Frankish framework in Kent and the only points at issue are the exact nature of the relationship between Kent and Gaul – were the Lyminge Frankish finds imported by trade or were they a result of a Folk migration?- and the earliest date at which this relationship can be said to have started. The writer believes that the evidence from the Lyminge cemetery in favour of actual Frankish settlement in Kent is stronger than that from any other single cemetery site. Although the cloisonné-set jewellery must be the earliest of its type in this country it seems that it did not make its appearance here until the cruciform brooches had gone out of fashion. The writer is 

aware that this argument may be invalidated by further finds or by the perseverance of the annular form of brooch in two of the graves. Before this point can be finally settled we must await a more complete excavation of the cemetery. Only then can the brooch evidence, studied in relationship to the site plan, be expected to yield a coherent story.
Certainly the geographical situation of Lyminge, linking the south-east Kent sea board and the comparatively densely populated areas of the Stour Valleys, would make the village an important funnel through which Frankish culture might be diffused into Eastern Kent.

The Society gratefully acknowledges that this Report is published with the aid of a generous donation from Mr. I. D. Margary.

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