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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 69  1955  page 18


with iron rivets between the ends of two bronze strips doubled round the stem of the buckle on either side of the tongue. The ends of these bronze strips show a clearance of 1/8 in. to accommodate the belt. The tongue of the buckle has a slightly developed shield, of rectangular shape, and is hinged by a curved projection from its base. This curved projection is notched in two places (end view shown in the drawing), which are spaced to accommodate the edges of the doubled bronze attaching strips, thereby restricting the movement of the tongue. These edges show wear at the points of contact within the notches. A rectangular iron belt-plate (the same size as the attachment-plate) was found at the left waist. No decoration has so far been found on either of the two belt-plates but its seems unlikely that the fine bronze buckle was accommodated merely by plain iron accessories. At the time of publication it has not been possible to X-ray photograph these two objects.
   GRAVE 24. A child, sex unknown; 5 years of age; the skeleton was in poor condition; the body had been buried on the right hand side with the legs contracted; a correspondingly small grave, 4 ft. 0 in. by 1ft. 9 in.; 54 deg., 1 ft. 3 in. deep (Pl. III (b)).
   Finds. In the top corner of the grave to the left of the skull, a wheel-turned pot (Fig. 12, No 1) of hard sandy fabric, varying in colour from dark-grey to, occasionally, buff. The decoration consists of two double girth lines and a series

 of slashes, vertical and angled to the lower of these  two lines. The series of these slashes runs as follows: 5 angled, 7 vertical; 5 angled, 7 vertical; 5 angled, 7 vertical; 3 angled and 3 vertical. The last anomalies were necessary to ensure the alternation of the pattern.
   Two bronze equal-armed brooches (Pl. VIII, Nos. 4 a and b), one at either shoulder. The pins were of iron, now corroded, but the hinge and catch-plates of bronze still remain. The decoration is in chip-carving technique and consists of two lozenge-shaped panels each of which is flanked on either side by a highly stylized head, body and fore-legs. Each end of both brooches is surmounted by a small loop in the form of a hooked beak with eyes.
   A string of 16 beads round the neck. Fourteen of these are tiny beads of blue and green glass, 1/8 in. in diameter; one of a similar size is of bone and the remaining one a larger green glass bead in. in diameter.
   A string of 7 beads (Pl. VII b, No. 1) on the chest. Numbering from left to right, Nos. 1 and 7 are of red vitreous baked clay; Nos. 2 (missing in the photograph) and 6 of blue glass; No. 3 of green glass inlaid with red vitreous baked clay.
   Some fragments of iron, possibly keys, at the left waist.
   GRAVE 25. A woman; 5 ft. 3 in.; 30 years of age; supine, full

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