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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 69  1955  page 12


   An applied saucer brooch of bronze (Fig. 6, No. 5) at the left shoulder. The decorated plate of the brooch is in a very fragmentary condition due to the swelling of the paste by which it was mounted to its base. The base and plate were enclosed by a ring of bronze strip, the ends of which were joined by a small rivet. The iron pin has decayed but the catch-plate and hinge-plate remain.
   GRAVE 11. A woman; 5 ft., 2 in.; 30 years of age; skeleton in an excellent state of preservation; supine, full length, both arms across the pelvis, feet crossed, head pillowed; 87 deg., 2 ft.4 in. deep.
   No finds.
GRAVE 12. A well-built man; 5 ft. 11 in. ; 45 years of age; skeleton well-preserved; supine, full length, arms straight; 82 deg., 1 ft. 7 in. deep.
   Finds. A bronze buckle and attachment-plate (Fig. 8, No. 5) at the right waist, tongue pointing right. The tongue, which was hinged by a curved projection from its base has a slightly developed square shield. The buckle and tongue are decorated with tiny punched circles. The end of the belt, after passing around the stem of the buckle, was clamped between the attachment-plate and two flat brackets, in. wide, held in position by rivets, allowing a clearance of 1/16 in. between brackets and the back of the attachment-plate. The bracket nearest the buckle was, however, bent to accommodate the double thickness of the belt after it had passed round the stem of the buckle. Two rectangular belt-plates of bronze 

(Fig. 8, Nos. 6a and b) at the right and left waist were each fastened to the belt by 4 rivets with  bronze washers, 3/16 in. in diameter. They also allowed a clearance of 1/16 in. for the belt. The attachment-plate and two belt-plates are decorated round their edges with a series of punched concentric double semi-circles.
An iron knife with two small worked flints (Fig. 10, Nos. 1 and 2) at the right arm.
   A small bronze buckle and attachment-plate (Fig. 8, No. 4) at the pelvis, tongue pointing towards the feet.
   GRAVE 13. A woman; 20 years of age; supine, full length, right arm across the pelvis; skull very collapsed; 83 deg., 2 ft. 3 in. deep.
   Finds. A cylindrical glass bottle (Pl. VI, No.1) standing vertically at the right hand side of the skull (Pl. IIIa). It was recovered complete and undamaged. The vessel stands 6 in. high with a maximum diameter of 2 5/8 in. and the capacity of the bottle, when full to the brim, is 11 fluid ounces. The glass is clear in colour and show a pronounced swirl with many air bubbles in the fabric. The shoulder and neck of the bottle must once have been decorated with a spiral of glass trail (at an interval of 1/8 in.) which is now missing, but which has left its mark on the surface of the glass.
   When found the bottle was about three quarters full of liquid with a sediment at the bottom. The liquid and sediment were submitted to

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