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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 69  1955  page 9


   Finds. An iron spearhead (Fig. 3, No. 5) found by workmen at the left hand side of the skull. It is inlaid at the junction of the blade and socket with bands and chevrons of brass strip, 1/16 in. wide1.  This spearhead was the first find to be made on the site. Its decoration lay unsuspected for some time beneath a mass of corrosion and only became apparent after a certain amount of electrolytic cleaning. Subsequent cleaning was carried out by mechanical means.
   An iron ferrule at the left ankle. It is not possible to recover the exact distance between spearhead and ferrule.
   The fragmentary remains of an iron purse-mount and an iron knife at the pelvis.
   An iron shield-boss and grip, much shattered when found by workmen.
   GRAVE 5. A man; 20-25 years of age; supine, full length, arms straight; 87 deg., 2ft. 6 in. deep. The grave had been disturbed by one of the mushroom shed foundation holes.
   Finds. An iron spearhead (Fig. 3, No. 6) at the right hand side of the skull. This spearhead is large and a fine example and was found at an angle of 45 deg. to the horizontal, point uppermost in the grave fill. No ferrule could be found and possibly the spear was too long to place in the grave without breaking the shaft. It is difficult otherwise to explain the 

unusual angle2. A bronze bodkin (Fig. 5, No. 3), with ribbed decoration, at the left shoulder. The upper part of the eye is missing.
   A complex of bronze fittings, ring and wood fragments (Fig. 5, No. 5) by the left ankle. The riveted bronze fittings probably bound a wooden pouch some 2 in. wide and 3/8 in. thick. The bronze suspension ring was attached to these fittings and shows considerable wear at a point opposite to the attachment. CF. The similar object found in grave 31.
   Some small fragments of an iron purse-mount at the waist.
   The fragmentary remains of a bone comb with iron rivets at the right hand side of the skull.
   GRAVE 6. A man; 30 years of age; supine, full length, right arm
1. Mr. H. E. Monk, the County Analyst, and Mr. R. E. Spalding, of the Kent County Analystís Department have examined a detached portion of this inlay and have supplied the following analysis;
                                              Copper 78.4%
                                              Zinc      18.4%
                                              Tin          2.0%
2. A portion of wood was cut from the socket of the spearhead and submitted to the Forest Products Research Laboratory where it was identified as Ash (Fraxinus excelsior).

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