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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 69  1955  page 7


   An iron spearhead (Fig. 3 No. 1) at the left hand side of the skull. The split socket of the spearhead was fragmentary. An iron ferrule by the left ankle. Distance, in the grave, from the tip of the spearhead to the tip of the ferrule, 5 ft. 4 in.

   An iron axe-head (Fig. 3 No. 2) standing vertically, blade downwards, by the left wrist. The axe-head is in poor condition and the drawing is based upon a field sketch of the axe-head in situ.

Fig. 3 OBJECTS OF IRON (1/4)
1. Spearhead, grave 1;  2. Axe-head, grave 1;  3. Shield grip, grave 1;  
4. Shield boss, grave 1;  5. Inlaid spearhead, grave 4;  6. Spearhead grave 5.

   A silver buckle and a bronze-gilt rectangular attachment-plate (Pl. IX, No. 1) at the left waist, tongue pointing right. The attachment-plate is decorated around its edges by a row of "V"s; a flange, 1/12 in. high. encloses an area decorated in chip-carving technique. This decoration includes two animals in Style 1 grouped at right angles around a centrally-set rectangular piece of blue glass. The

belt was joined to the buckle by being doubled around the stem of the buckle and its end was then clamped between the attachment-plate and a bronze back-plate by 4 bronze rivets. The size of these indicates that the gap between the two plates, which accommodated a double thickness of leather, was 3/16 in.

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