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The 1953 and 1954 excavations owe much of their success to the landowner, Mr. Arthur Hall. The Kent Archaeological Society is indebted to Mr. Hall for permission to excavate (involving the sacrifice of some 400 square yards of wheat) and for the donation of the finds to the Collections of the Society at the Maidstone Museum. In addition Mr. Hall did much of the actual digging in the emergency excavation and in both the winter and the summer he and Mrs. Hall provided the excavators with every facility which they could muster.
   Messrs. G. and P.G. Godden performed most of the heavy spade work. Misses C.M. Curry, J.A. de Valon, A. Evans, Mrs. A. Warhurst and Messrs. R. Clayson, R. Cope, E. Eyers, M. Macey , L. Reynolds, P. J. Tester and B. de Stoop proved the nucleus of a willing and capable excavation team, to the work of which many others contributed.
   Surveying (in addition to much of the heavy work) was undertaken by Messrs. A. Clarke, N. V. Quinnell, W. S. Thurlowe and W.C. Woodhouse. The site plan (Fig. 1) was prepared by Mr. Clarke and drawn by Mr. A. T. Chester of the Ordnance Survey Archaeology Division. Fig. 2 was prepared by Mr. E. W. Smith. Most of the line drawings have been done by my wife who, throughout the excavations and preparation of the report has been a source of constant help and encouragement.

   The examination of the skeletal material has been undertaken by Dr. J. Joseph, M.R.C.O.G., Reader in Anatomy at Guy’s Hospital Medical School and the remarks on the skeletons in the grave inventory are based on his reports. Other acknowledgements for help on technical matters are made in the text.
   The excavations were financed by the Kent Archaeological Society and the Society of Antiquaries. Thanks are also due to the many anonymous donors who have contributed to our collecting box ; to Messrs. Haynes Bros., Ltd., of Maidstone, and the Aylesford Paper Mills Company for donations in kind; to Messrs. Corbens, Ltd., of Maidstone, Mr. C. H. Maggs of Lyminge, Maidstone Corporation and the Kent County Council for the loan of tools and equipment; and to the Elham Rural District Council and the Kent County Constabulary
1 for various security and administrative arrangements.

That part of the cemetery which has been excavated lies on the highest point (365 ft. above O.D.) of a chalk spur which intrudes north eastwards into the bowl at the head of the Elham Valley. This spur

1. Thanks are due particularly to P.C. Wellington Boot, of Elham, who by his interest and enthusiasm facilitated the smooth running of the excavation and the establishment of good relations with the public.

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