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List of Officers, xii ; List of Local Secretaries, xiv ; Records Branch, xv; Corresponding
   Societies, xvi ; List of Members, xviii ; Report for the Year ended 31st December, 1954 xl ;
   Sustentation Fund, 1954 xlvii ; Accounts for 1953 xlviii
1. Excavation of a Roman Barrow at Holborough, Snodland. 
   By B. F. Jessup with N. C. Cook and J. M. C. Toynbee

2. Birchley and the Randolphs of Biddenden. By H. B. Thomas, O.B.E 62
3. Romano-British Potteries on the Upchurch Marshes. By I. Noel Hume 72
4. King Hlothere. By Gordon Ward, M.D., F.S.A. 91
5. The Lathe in the Early Sixteenth Century. By Felix Hull, B.A., Ph.D 97
6. Canterbury Excavations, Summer, 1946. By Sheppard Frere, F.S.A. 102
7. Roman and other remains from Chalk near Gravesend. By A. F. Allen 144
8. An Early Kentish Militia Roll. By Felix Hull, B.A., Ph.D. 159
9. Excavations on the Site of a Romano-British Settlement in Joyden’s Wood, near Bexley. 
   By P. J. Tester and J. E. L. Caiger

10. The Rochester Bridge Lands in Grain. By John H. Evans, F.S.A., F.R.G.S. 184

Contents continued page vi

11. Kent Archives Office Accessions, 1953-4 197
12. Researches and Discoveries in Kent  204
13. Miscellaneous Notes:
   Inscribed Roman Altar from Napchester, near Dover
   A Note on the Arms of Boxley Abbey
   The Church of St. Nicholas, Hythe
   A Lambard Relic
   A Numismatic Postscript on Bryan Faussett’s Sculpture of "King Canute"
14. Reviews
   Heraldry in the Churches of Beckenham. By the Rev. David Christie-Murray
Archaeology from the Earth. By Sir Mortimer Wheeler
The XVth Mile Stage. By Harold Muir
The Story of Oldbury Hill. By Sir Edward Harrison
   Archaeology. Teach Yourself Books. By S. Graham Brade-Birics
   Archaeology in Britain: Observing the Past. By I. Noel Hume
Kent Churches, 1954. By H. B. Pratt Boorman and V. J. Torr
15. Obituary:  B.H. St. John O’Neil, M.A., F.S.A. 224
16. General Index 225

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