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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 66  1953  page v + vi



List of Officers, xii ; List of Local Secretaries, xiv ; Records Branch, xv ; Corresponding
   Societies, xvi ; List of Members, xviii ; Report for the Year ended 31st December, 1953 xl;
   Sustentation Fund, 1953 xlv ; Accounts for 1951, 1952 xlvi
1. The Faussett Pavilion. Part I. By B. F. Jessup, F.S.A. 
Part 2. By George Zarnecki, M.A., Ph.D.

2. The Lullingstone Roman Villa. By Lieut.-Colonel G.W. Meates, F.S.A. 15
3. The Thanet Seaports, 1650-1750. By John H. Andrews. 37
4. Plans of, and brief Architectural Notes on, Kent Churches. Second Series, Part III.
  The Church of the Cistercian Abbey of St Mary, Boxley. By F. C. Elliston Erwood, F.S.A.

5. Excavations at Reculver, Kent, 1951. By F. H. Thompson 52
6. Kent Hop-Tokens. By John W. Bridge, F.S.A. 60
7. The Kent Archives Office. By Felix Hull, B.A., Ph.D. 64
8. A Discovery of Acheulian Implements in the deposits of the Dartford Heath Terrace.
   By P. J. Tester

9. Roman Burials at Welling. By P. J. Tester 77
10. The Dominical or Sunday Letter Dial, in Eastry Church, Kent. 
  By F. H. Worsfold, F.S.A.

11. The Genius Cuccatus in Kent. By Frank Jenkins. 86
12. Two notes on Guernes De Pont Sainte-Maxence: Vie De Saint Thomas.
  . By William Urry, B.A.


Contents continued page vi

13. Kentish Tradesmen in the Early Nineteenth Century.  By Elizabeth Melling, B.A. 98
14. Archaeological Horizons in the North Kent Marshes. By John H. Evans, F.S.A., F.R.G.S. 103
15. Researches and Discoveries in Kent 147
16. Miscellaneous Notes:
   A Sydney Lawsuit: An Addendum
   The Repairing of the Medway Forts c. 1700
   An Early Sketch of Dungeness Lighthouse
   Symposium. The Bromley Charter Dated A.D. 862
   Pronunciation of the name Hasted
17. Reviews:
   Monastic Sites from the Air. By David Knowles and J. E. St. Joseph
Dictionary of British Sculptors, 1660-1851. By Rupert Gunnis
   Hogarth’s Peregrination: Edited with an Introduction by Charles Mitchell
   Kentish Village: Hastingleigh. By Mary W. Harwood
The Kentish Stour. By Robert H. Goodsall
Deal Castle and Dover Castle Two Guides published by Ministry of Works 
18. General Index 181

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