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Everard Green, Somerset Herald, he attempted a full and informative pedigree of "James and Grevis-James of Ightham Court" (Miscellanea Genealogica, V, 4th series, p. 105).
   Sir Thomas lost two of his three sons, the eldest and the youngest, by enemy action. The youngest son won a posthumous award of the Victoria Cross. The baronetcy descends to a grandson, Captain J. H. H. Colyer-Fergusson.


By the death of the Rev. Canon Sydney William Wheatley, which occurred on the 11th of March, 1951, in his 82nd year, the Society loses an old and valued Member, for he joined in 1912, served on the Council from 1922 to 1948 and contributed to Archaeologia Cantiana. Canon Wheatley took his M.A. at Jesus College, Oxford, was ordained in 1894 and came into the Rochester diocese in 1899. Six years later he was appointed Vicar of St. Paulís, Four Elms, Edenbridge, but he will be best remembered by hosts of Rochester friends through his long service as Vicar of St. Margaretís, Rochester, a service which extended from 1915 until his retirement in 1947. During this long period he held many appointments in the diocesan

organization and was editor of the Rochester Diocesan Chronicle for twenty years. He had a great love for the antiquities of his Diocese and City, and was always delighted to share his knowledge with others and lectured extensively to that end; he rendered many years of quiet service to archaeology as a member of the Museums Committee of the Rochester City Council. In 1922 he was elected to the Society of Antiquaries. His quiet and courteous presence will be greatly missed in Rochester. Canon Wheatley leaves a widow, one son and two daughters.


Mrs ELIZABETH SELBY, of Beaugill, Lynsted, who died in August, 1950, had been a member of the Society since 1907, and was Local Secretary for the Sittingbourne District from 1935 until 1947. She was the author of Teynham Manor and Hundred, an excellent example of a local history. In addition to writing the history of Teynham, she took a number of first-rate photographs of interesting houses in the neighbourhood, and they are now in the Kent County Records Office. Mrs. Selby had lived in the district for sixty years.

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