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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 63  1950  pages 139

A Note on the Rebuilding of Knole by Archbishop Bourgchier. By F. B. H. DuBoulay, M.A. continued

III [1465 to 1466]1
Ousti manerii de Knolle
Et in diversis custis et expensis hoc anno factis super facturum diversarum necessarium et complementum diversarum domorum officiariorum ibidem erga festum Natalis Domini, prout patet per percellas annotatas in alio rotulo papiri super hunc compotum ostenso et examinato
 4 14s. 11d

                                               Summa 4 14s. l1d.

1 P.R.O. S.C.6. 1129/8

Page 139

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