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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 63  1950  pages 137

A Note on the Rebuilding of Knole by Archbishop Bourgchier. By F. B. H. DuBoulay, M.A.  continued

he spent increasingly long periods at Knole as he grew older, transacting business and finally dying within its walls, surrounded by the familia for whom he had long since built extra accommodation.


I. [Michaelmas 1455 to Christmas 1456]2
Recepta forinceca
        Et de £15 7s. receptis de cofferis domini, ut in precio plumbi empti super reparacione manerii de Knolle hoc anno, cum 32s. solutis per manus Johannis Lee, ut patet inferius in titulo custodie manerii de Knolle. Et de £4 13s. 4d. receptis per manus Alexandri Wode unius receptorum domini, in precio plumbi operati de stauro de Lambhithe super reparacione predicti manerii de Knolle, ut patet inferius in eodem titulo.
                                                    Summa £21 12s. 4d.

Custi manerii Knolle
Et in hujusmodi custis et expensis hoc anno factis et appositis super reparacione manerii de Knolle, quod quidem manerium dictus dominus archiepiscopus noviter perquisivit de domino de Say, ut in denariis solutis pro tegulis3 davis4 sindulis5 calce6 zabulo7 emptis et expenditis in opere predicto ac pro sarracione meremii et asserum,8 cariagio clicti meremii et aliarum rerum de cliversis locis usque manerium predictum simul cum conduccione carpentarorum tegulatorum plumbatorum daubatorum et aliorum operarorum et laborarorum conductorum ad opus predictum per dictum tempus hujus compoti, prout patet per percellas annotatas in quadam cedula inde facta et
super hunc compotum liberata et examinata
                                                                   £6 0s. 3d
   1 The abbreviations and suspensions have been extended, and the paragraphing and punctuation made more acceptable to modern eyes. Money has been rendered into arabic numerals.
    2 P.R.O. S.G.6. 1129/4.     3 tiles.        4 nails.        5 shingling.
    6 lime.         7 sand.          8 sawing of timber and planks

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