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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 58 - 1945 page 82
An Early Nineteenth Century Walmer Will

IN Vol. LIII of Arch. Cantiana (1940) extracts from the eighteenth century wills of two spinsters were printed. Their interest was in the bequests to various relations of family and personal possessions which "had been handled, handed down, worn or slept in". The present will carries on this reverence for silver plate and clothing, which presumably was still to be worn; and of its disposal to many of her own and younger generations.
   The will is that of Mrs. Mary Marsh, nee Prescott, wife of William Marsh of The Wick, Castle Road, Walmer, and widow of Laurence Baker of Guston. It was proved at Canterbury on April 10th, 1806. The material bequests are as follows:
   To my niece Catharine, wife of William Boys of Reach in St. Margaret's at Cliffe, yeoman, all the furniture of my best parlour, my gold watch, my plain gold ring marked L.M.B. and my stone mourning ring which I had in remembrance of my late husband, also six silver table spoons marked MT, six silver tea spoons, tongs, and sugar basket; also my silver pepper caster and punch ladle, each marked LBM one pint silver pot marked VI, and two silver table spoons marked LBM.
   To my sister in law Angiller Prescott, widow of my late brother John Prescott, all my body linenry and all my under petticoats, my half mourning cotton gown and coat, and one of my black Russel1 petticoats.

   To my nephew John Prescott all my back chamber furniture, also my Cyprus chest of drawers.2
   To my nephew William Prescott my mahogany desk and bookcase and all the books that shall be therein (except four books of Pamela [Samuel Richardson's novel]); also my mourning ring that I had in remembrance of my late brother Samuel Prescott.
   To my great niece Mary the daughter of my said nephew William Prescott and Ann his wife the said four books of Pamela. Also my silver tankard marked MG and MP, my silver cup marked MG and MP, six silver tea spoons marked MP, one pair of silver buckles, and my easy chair.
To my nephew Samuel Prescott my clock and also my desk that is in my dressing room.
   To my niece Mary the wife of Morris Wellard my mourning ring and my garnet ring.
   To my niece Angiller the wife of John Pain my plain gold ring and girder ring.
   To Susannah Holtum, daughter of John Holtum of Ash (nephew of
   Russel or Russels was a woollen fabric much used long before this date. N.E.D.
   A huge chest of Cyprus wood (Cupressus) formerly looked on as a fixture, used to be in Marston Hall at Martin but was sold by a late owner.

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