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     Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 58 -1945  pages 76-85

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   John Bowra: Land Surveyor and Cartographer                                          76
   "Mad Thomís" Pardon                                                                              78
   Some Structural or Ornamental Architectural Discoveries at Dover            79
   A Prehistoric Occupation Site above  Elham                                              80
   Lambeth Palaceóthe Name                                                                     80
   An Early Nineteenth Century Walmer Will                                                 82
   Report on a Human Skull from the Freedown, Ringwould, Kent                

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Early Brick Walling, Dover.JPG (28964 bytes) 16th Century Fire Place, Dover.JPG (16765 bytes) Panel of Puce Delf Tiles, Dover.JPG (39187 bytes) Stoop in wall, lined with Delf Tiles, Dover.JPG (28485 bytes) Early Skull from the Freedown, Ringwould, Kent.JPG (22343 bytes)
Early Brick Walling
off Clarence St.,
16th Century
Bench St., Dover
Panel of Puce
Delf Tiles
Snargate St.,Dover
Stoop in Wall
Snargate St.,
Early Skull from
the Freedoen,

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