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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 58 - 1945 page 25
            COATS OF ARMS IN QUEENBOROUGH CASTLE. By B. H. D’Elboux, M.C., M.A., F.S.A. Continued

 45. Sr Stephen Thornix
       Ermine, on a chief gules, 2 leopards faces argent, langued

         Son of Stephen Thornhurst of St. George's, Canterbury and
        Agnes (? sister of William Pettowse, Petty Canon of Christ
        Church); married (1) after 1596, Mary, d. of John Gifford,
        widow of Richard Fletcher, Bishop of London, by whom Sir
        William Thornhurst of Ford; (2) after 1611, Dorothy, d. of Dr.
        Roger Drew of Densworth, Sussex, widow of Hippocrate de
        Otten,1 by whom Sir Thomas, Knighted 1625, slain at Isle of
        Rhee, 1627.
        A letter of Robert, Earl of Leicester, anent exportation of
        horses without license is endorsed to Sir Thomas Scott,
        Henry Guildford, Captain of the fort of Artcliffe and Stephen
       Thorneux, Esquires in 1585; Keeper of the Park of Forde in
        Hoath; Knighted, 1593 by Fitzwilliam, Lord Deputy. (Shaw
        says 1594, but this list is against that date); freeman of
        Canterbury, 1598; died, 1616 and was buried Canterbury
        Cathedral. (See Cowper's Memorial Inscriptions, Canterbury


   Turmine, in his Rambles in the Isle of Sheppy of 1843, gives the following list. I have collated with it that of Philipot, from the Church Notes once the property of Dr. 

Cock, and now in the British Museum. The arms are from Philipot, and Turmine's regnal years have been converted. Turmine's list came from Hasted. II. 657.

1. 1362-1363. John Foxley.
     Gules 2 bars argent.
2. 1376-1377. John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.
     England and France with a label of 3; an escutcheon of
       pretence of Castile & Leon.

3. 1384-1392. Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford; "Marchio Dublin" in Philipot, who places him fifth. He held the office for life.
     Quarterly, 1 & 4, three crowns & a border; 2 & 3, per cross
       in dexter quarter a mullet.

4. 1392-1393. Sir Arnold Savage; Philipot's no. 3, with same date.
      Argent 6 lions sable.
5. 1396-1397. William le Scrope; "filius Domi Scrope" says Philipot, who puts him eighth.
     Azure a bend or, a label of 3.
   1. He died 13 Nov., 1611 and was buried at St. Clement Danes, London, where a monument to him was erected by his late wife "the now Lady & Wife unto Sir Stephen Thornhurst of Kent, the most worthy & valerous Knight".

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