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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 58 - 1945 page 24
            COATS OF ARMS IN QUEENBOROUGH CASTLE. By B. H. D’Elboux, M.C., M.A., F.S.A. Continued

 42. Sr William Rooe.
       Argent a chevron azure between 3 trefoils slipt, per pale
         gules & vert.

         Stowe says son to Thomas Rowe of Penshurst; Furley (III,
         288) says native of Hawkhurst; free of the Ironmongers
         Company; Lord Mayor and Knighted, 1592; died in his
         mayoralty, according to 1634 Visitation of London; married
         Jane Lewkenor; will (P.C.C. 36, Dixy) proved 1594, of St
         Laurence, Old Jury, Isle of Sheppy, Muswell, Middlesex and
         Epping, Essex.
         Hasted, who quotes from a MS. pedigree of "E.H." says the
         family originates from Rowes Place in Aylesford.
         Sir Thomas Rowe, merchant taylor, Lord Mayor, 1569 is given
         in Stowe as son to Robert, merchant taylor and grandson to
         Reynald Rowe of Leigh. To Sir Thomas arms were granted by
         Garter and Norroy, 1566, as here, with 3 bezants on the
         chevron (Visitation, London, 1568). Stowe shows Sir William
         with the bezants also, and both coats with a crescent in
         centre chief. Sir Henry Rowe, mercer, son to Sir Thomas and
         Lord Mayor, 1607, is given the same coat without difference,
        so it seems likely both Elizabethans were 2nd sons.

 43. Sr Anthony Manye.
       Per pale argent and sable, 3 chevrons between 3 cinqfoils
         all counter-changed.

         Son of Anthony Mayney of Biddenden Place; sold
         Biddenden and moved to Linton Place; married Bridget, d. of

         William Tanfield of Gayton, Northants; M.I. Linton, dated
         1615; Knighted by Sir William Fitzwilliam, Lord Deputy, 1593.
 44. Sr Thomas Posthumus Hoby.
       Argent 3 bottoms gules, in dexter chief a crescent gules for

         Brother of Sir Edward, Constable of Queenborough (see
         17); in 1595 suitor to Sir Robert Sidney's "sister" (DeLisle
         and Dudley Papers
, vol. II, 173, 181, 186), d. and coheir
         Arthur Dakens of Lynton, co. York, widow of (1) Walter
         Devereux; (2) Thomas Sydney, brother of Sir Robert. "Oct.
        15, 1595. They say your sister Sydney takes your brothers
         death heavily ...... Sir Posthumus Hoby is gon to see her ........
         but 'tis thought she will give no eare unto yt." "Nov. 3, 1595.
         Sir Posthumus Hoby hath had access to your sister Sydney
         and likes her so well that he meanes to return out of hand."
         "Nov. 16, 1595. Sir Posthumus Hoby is rid towards your
          sister Sydney with good store of fair jewels and pearls."
          He was Knighted by Fitzwilliam, Lord Deputy in 1593.
         "By ye occasion wch said marriage, the said Sir Thomas
         Posthumus Hoby hath altered & is dep'ted from ye place of
         his habitac'on and byrth out of ye South into ye North p'tes
         of this Realme." Exemplification of arms by Dethick and
         Camden, 10 July 1598 (Misc. Gen. et Her., I, 141); it shows 
         the Hoby arms of argent a fess between 3 hobbies sable, a
          crescent in centre for difference, impaling argent an 
         anchor  sable.

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