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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 58 - 1945 page 12
                              THE MEDIEVAL PAINTED GLASS OF CHILHAM. By C. R. Councer, F.S.A.   Continued

   "South Aile.
   "In the Western window.
   "In the 1st division at the top, is part of a fine figure of a saint, who holds in his right hand a fuller's club.
   "Below it the motto STS: OBADE

   "In the 3rd division are the remains of another Saint, who holds to his breast a thick, clasped book. [This glass has all disappeared with the exception of a few unimportant fragments of fifteenth century date which fill the two centre tracery lights. St. "Obadeus" is a somewhat enigmatic personage. The fuller's club would appear rather to indicate St. James the Less.]
   "North Aile.
   "In the Easternmost window.
   "A crowned figure of St. Catherine with the wheel. Another fine figure of a Saint, with beautiful hair flowing down on each side from a seam in the midst. Beneath his robe, which has a golden border, is a clasped book supported by his right hand, his left holds a pilgrim's staff.
   "Also a Saint with his nebula, holding a spear in his right hand. [St. Thomas?] Likewise the head and feet of a female figure. Lower down in the window is the beautiful head of a dog. 
   [p. 485] "In the principal divisions of the next window 

are coats of arms, viz. Ensing viz. Sab. three swords erect, 2 and 1, Ar., hilted and pomelled or, with the letter E at the corners; in the other division are the arms of Roos as before with the letter R at the angles.
   "Above are the remains of three figures.
       1st of a Saint, with short hair, holding in his left hand a crozier, and in his right a chain. Motto: . . . . . . . . . S
                                                           . . . ARDUS
   2nd of a Bishop with the pall, papal crown, Staff, and ring on his right hand. Motto   S: CLEM

   3rd as the 2nd. 
       Motto STE : ERE . . . . . . [a misreading for Gre]
              . . . . AEORU . . . . . . 
   In the next window are the remains of four figures.
   1st of a man with curled hair, having on a long robe.
   2nd of a female with her hands crossed over her breast.
   3rd one hand only remains.
   4th as the 1st.
  [These are the windows already discussed. The losses suffered since 1794 are apparent, and some clue is given as to the original character of the fragments which remain. The letters seen round the Roos shield are definitely Bs and not Rs. Can they be intended for the only member of this family with the initial B whom I can trace in

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