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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 58 - 1945 page 9
                                THE MEDIEVAL PAINTED GLASS OF CHILHAM. By C. R. Councer, F.S.A. continued

       piece looks like an armoured limb, suggesting that the
       figure may have been that of St. Michael.
   In the heads of the lower lights: on L. a shield of arms, sable three swords argent hilted or (ENSINGE) and in two of the foils the letter E in Lombardic capitals. On R. a similar shield, gules three water skins argent (ROOS of Hamlake) with the letter B in four of the foils. Each shield is represented as hanging by a band held by a hand in the extreme top of the light, and is supported by two eagles admirably drawn and yellow stained. The eagle on R. of the Ensinge shield is missing. Apart from these features the heads of the lights are filled with fragments from other sources.
   Below this glass, the two lights have borders of fragments of all kinds, both coloured and yellow stained: among them a number of leopards' heads, and part of an admirably drawn demon's head, in yellow stain, may be distinguished.
In the third window (tracery lights):
   (1) Modern plain glass.
   (2) Upper part of a female nimbed figure, hands crossed on breast, no attributes. The figure appears to have been standing at a desk, and from the attitude might well have been a representation of the Blessed Virgin from an Annunciation scene, the Archangel having occupied the adjacent light.

   (3) At top of light, yellow-stained border in situ. The remainder of the glass is modern.
   (4) A small fragment only at top of light --- a leopard's head in yellow stain.
  The lower lights have borders made up of fragments of all kinds, both coloured and yellow stained, including a number of crowned Ms. In the heads of these lights the borders, with crowned Ms, are in situ and within the border on R. is a bird drawn in brown enamel.
   All this glass is of the fifteenth century, of good workmanship, and the figures in the tracery lights are in white and yellow stain without other colour.
   This account may be supplemented from two MSS. formerly in the library of the late Dr. F. W. Cock, F.S.A., of Appledore. (1) One of these (A) is of the first half of the seventeenth century and contains, among minor items, many notes of heraldic shields in glass and on monuments, and other matters, which the writer, John Philipott, Somerset Herald, had seen in about fifty churches in various parts of Kent. This MS. is as yet very little known, though it was extensively used by the late Mr. Ralph Griffin, F.S.A., in his account (in Archaeologia, lxvi) of the heraldry in the cloister of Christ Church,
   1  Both were sold at Sotheby's on May 8th, 1944, MS. A. to the British Museum and MS. B. to Mr. R. H. D'Elboux, F.S.A., of Battle.

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