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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 57 - 1944 page 74

constitute a useful record. One of the rolls moreover supplies interesting evidence of contemporary practice in recording manorial courts. Examination of the sewing holes shows that the eight membranes originally belonged to two separate rolls:
A.   A roll (three membranes) of "Court Baron" of Walter
         Compton, Esq., of various dates apparently covering
         the years 21 Charles I (i.e. 1645) to 1650.
B.   A roll (five membranes) of a "[?Legal Court] with
         Survey" of Walter [Compton] held on 23
        [?Dec]ember, [?2] 1 Charles I (i.e. 1645). The
        proceedings of the court occupy the greater part of
        the first membrane, the Survey taking up the
        remainder of the roll. It is noteworthy that, while most
        of the proceedings of both Court and Survey are in
        Latin, the last entries in both cases are in English;
        from which it may be inferred that additions were

        made to the record over a period of years, the last
        being later than "the first Return of Easter Term",
       1651, from which date the use of any language in
       legal documents but English was prohibited by a
       Commonwealth Act of Parliament.

   The lordship of the manor has descended from the Compton family to Captian R. C. Gordon-Canning, M.C., of Hartpury House, to whose possession the rolls have been restored. He has now placed them in the Gloucestershire County Council's muniment room at the Shire Hall, Gloucester, one of the places approved by the Master of the Rolls under the Law of Property Acts for the deposit of manorial documents.
   The Editor has to thank Captain Gordon-Canning for his sympathetic interest in this note.

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