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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 56  1943  page v + vi



List of Officers, viii; List of Local Secretaries, x; Societies in Union, xii;List of Members, xiii.
Report for the Year ended 31st December, 1942 xxxi; Financial Accounts for 1942 xxxiv
Illustrations Fund, 1942 xxxviii
1. Thomas Cockes, the Diarist. By Dorothy Gardiner 01
2. The  iconography of Darenth Font. By The Rev. A. H. Collins, M.A., F.S.A. 06
3. Thomas Heron of Chilham. By B. F. Jessup, F.S.A. 11
4. St. Mildred's Church, Canterbury, further notes on the site. By Canon R. U. Potts, F.S.A. 19
5. The Saxon History of the Wantsum. By Gordon Ward, M.D., F.S.A. 23
6. Cherry Garden Hill Tumulus, Folkestone. By W. P. D. Stebbing, F.S.A., F.G.S.
Report on the human remains. By Professor A. J. F. Cave, M.D.
7. Notes on bronze objects from Shooters Hill, Kent, and elsewhere and the antiquity
   of  "Jews’harps".  By F. C. Elliston-Erwood, F.S.A

8. Two Burial Groups of Belgic Age, Hothfield Common, near Ashford. By J. G. S. Brinson, Lt. R.E. 41
9. Henry Yevele, architect, and his works in Kent. By John H. Harvey 48
10. A hand list of English Enclosure Acts and Awards. Part 17.—Open Fields, Commons and
    Enclosures in Kent. By W. E. Tate, F.R.Hist.S

11. Miscellaneous Notes:
   Field Notes in East Kent 
   Gerrard Winstanley’s Socialistic and Religious Discourses.— A Kent Association Volume
   A Twopenny Seventeenth Century Token from Goudhurst
   A Note on Elizabeth Barton ("The Maid of Kent ")
   Report on Human Remains from St. Margarets at Cliffe, Kent
12. Review:
   "A Guide to St. Margarets, Lower Halstow." By A. K. W. Wright, B.D


Contents continued page vi

13. Kent Records Society Notice 75
14. Obituaries
   William Howard Aymer Vallance.
   Dr. F. William Cock, J.P., M.D., M.S., F.S.A.
15. The Council for British Archaeology 78
16 General Index 79

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