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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 55 - 1942 page 69

MISCELLANEOUS NOTES: Some Fifteenth Century Wills

IT may be of service to those of our members who are interested in testamentary matters to direct attention to the XLII volume of the Canterbury and York Society's publications (issued in 1937), which contains a full transcript of all Wills, proved before Archbishop Chichele (1414-1443) or his Commissaries. The volume is edited by Dr. E. F. Jacob, Professor of Medieval History in the University of Manchester, and Mr. H. C. Johnson, Assistant Keeper of the Public Records, who have provided an excellent Introduction, Glossary, and Index. 
A copy of the work is in the Cathedral Library at Canterbury, where it may be consulted by students.1
The following is a list of Kentish Testators whose Wills are to be found in the above volume.
Berham, John, of Cranbrook.
   To be burd in the Church of St. Dunstan, Cranbrook,
   before the altar of Blessed Mary. Proved 18 May,
Bettenham, Stephen, of Cranbrook, Esquire and J.P.
   To be burd in the porch of Cranbrook Church, near
   Helewys, his first wife.  Proved 9 June, 1415.
Bourbage, Ric., Vicar of Leigh. Proved 26 Apr., 1435.
   To be burd in the Church of Leigh.
Brunston, Tho., of Preston, next Faversham.
   To be burd in Preston churchyard, next to the grave of
   William Makenade.  Proved 20 March, 1425.

Catherell, Hen., of St. Peters, Sandwich.
   To be burd in the Chapel of St. John the Baptist within
   the said church.   Proved 13 Septr., 1425.
Chapman, Will.
   To be burd in the Churchyard of S.S. Peter and Paul,
   Charing.   Proved 25 Jan., 1432.
Cheyne, Will, of Shurland in Sheppey, esquire.
   To be burd in the Chapel of St. Katherine within the
   Abbey of S.S. Mary and Sexburga in the Isle of
   Sheppey. Proved 14 June, 1441.
Crane, John, Rector of Hawkhurst.
   To be burd in capella sive cancello de Hawkhurst.
   Proved 30 Oct., 1415
Edmund, Stephen, of Monkton, Thanet.
   To be burd in Monkton Churchyard. Proved 20 May,
Fogg, Joan, Widow of Sir Tho. Fogg, Knt.
   To be burd in the Cathedral Church of Canterbury
   beside her husband.  Proved 27 July, 1420.
Godfrey, Thos., of Old Romney.
   To be burd in the Parish Church of Lydd. Proved 27
   Oct., 1430.
   1 These Notes were written before the Library was damaged by enemy action in June, 1942.

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