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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 54  1941  page v + vi



List of Officers xi;List of Local Secretaries xii; Societies in Union, xiii; ; List of Members xv.
   Report for Year ended 31st December, 1940 xxxv; Financial Accounts for 1940  xliv,
   Illustrations Fund, 1940 xlviii
1. James Ryman—a forgotten Kentish Poet.  By A. G. Little, D.Litt., Litt.D., F.B.A. 01
2. The Church of St Helen in Canterbury. A Forgotten Sanctuary. By C. Eveleigh Woodruff, M.A. 05
3. Earthworks in Joydens Wood, Bexley, Kent. By A. H. A. Hogg 10
4. Earthworks on Hayes and West Wickham Commons 
   By A. H. A. Hogg, B. H. St. J. O’Neil and C. E. Steven
APPENDIX. By B. H. St. J. O’Neil

5. St Margaret's Bay, and the Roman Roads from Richborough to Dover and Canterbury.
   By Cecil Knox

6. Stonar and the Wantsum Channel. Part II.— Historical. 
   By F. W. Hardman, LL.D., F.S.A., and W. P. D. Stebbing, F.S.A., F.G.S
Appendix. Polychrome Pottery from Stonar. By G. C. Dunning, F.S.A

7. The age of Saint Mildred's Church, Canterbury. By Gordon Ward, M.D., F.S.A. 62

Contents continued page vi

8. Miscellaneous Notes:
   Littlebrook Walls, Dartford
   A Note on the Library of Lesnes Abbey
   Crop Markings at Fawkham, Kent
9. Obituaries:
   Arthur Hussey,    Richard Cooke,   Ralph Hare Griffin,   Frederick William Hardman, Ll..D

10. General Index 79

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