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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 45  1933  page v + vi



List of Officers, x; List of Local Secretaries, xii; Societies in Union, xiii; List of Members,
  xiv;  Report for Year ending 31st December, 1932 xx; Financial Account for 1932 xlvi;
  Illustrations Fund, 1932lii
1. The Sculptured Ornament of the South Doorway of Barfreston Church.
   By the Rev. A. H. Collins, M.A.

2. Milton Wills (next Sittingbourne).—II Coc to Joh. By Arthur Hussey 13
3. Stained Glass Windows at Stowting. By N. E. Toke 31
4. The Rebuilding of the South-West Tower of Canterbury Cathedral in the Fifteenth Century.
  . By the Rev. C. Eveleigh Woodruff

5. Two Sixteenth Century Maps of Kent with further notes on Early Road-Books.
    By E. G. Box 

6. The Lists of Saxon Churches in the Domesday Monachorum and White Book of St Augustine.
   By Gordon Ward, M.D., F.S.A.

7. Two Brasses in Mersham Church. By Ralph Griffin 90
8. Queningate and the Walls of Durovernum. By Canon G. M. Livett, F.S.A. 92
9. Ightham Mote: Notes. By Aymer Vallance  116
10. The Promontory Fort of Keston Common. By B. H. St. J. O’Neil 124
11. The River Limen at Ruckinge. By Gordon Ward, M.D., F.S.A. 129
12. The Saxon Charters of Burmarsh. By Gordon Ward, M.D., F.S.A. 133
13. Oldbury Hill, Ightham. By Sir Edward Harrison 142
14. Excavation in Rose Wood, Ightham. By Norman Cook and B. F. Jessup 162
15. Ford Manor. By B. J. Bennett, P.A.S.I. 168
16. Early Bronze Age Beakers. By R. F. Jessup 174
17. Bronze Age Antiquities from the Lower Medway. By R. F. Jessup 179
18. A Roman Cemetery at West Wickham. By Norman Cook and Michael J. McCarthy 188

Contents continued page vi

19. The Tau-Cross in the Undercroft in the of Canterbury Cathedral. By J. M. C. and M. M. Crum 193
20. Hales Place at Hackington and its Predecessors. By Surgeon-Capt. K. H. Jones, M.B., R.N. 201
21. The Hawkins Monument by Epiphanius Evesham at Boughton-under-Blean.
   By Surgeon-Capt. K. H. Jones, M.B., R.N.

22. Notes on the Restoration of Royal Arms in Kent. By V. J. B. Torr 209
23. The Royal Heraldry of Sandwich. By V. J. B. Torr 216
24. The Arms of James II at West Malling. By V. J. B. Torr 234
25. A Time Scale for Archaeologists. By Eng.-Capt. J. B. Hewitt, R.N. 241
26. The Evolution of Romney Marsh. By C. J. Gilbert, F.G.S. 246
27. Miscellaneous Notes:
   A Turner Drawing of St. Mary’s Church, Dover
   A Note on the Hythe Crania and the Derivation of Minnis
   Swiss Stained Glass in Patrixbourne Church
   A Native Camp in Long Beach Wood
   A Flint Implement of Rostro-Carinate Type from Brasted
   Early Iron Age Pottery from Chiddingstone
   Anglo-Saxon Remains found at Ramsgate
   Brass of John Eveas at Murston
   A Bronze Age Implement from Romney Marsh
28. Reviews:
   "The Oxinden Letters." By Dorothy Gardiner 
"St. Leonard’s Church, Hythe." By the Rev. H. D. Dale
"Pre-Feudal England." By J. E. A. Jolliffe 
"A History of Darwin’s Parish, Downe." By O. J. R. and Eleanor K. Howarth 
"William Thorne’s Chronicle of Saint Augustine’s Abbey." Translated by A. H. Davis 
"Sands, Clays and Minerals"
29. Report of Proceedings, 1932 297
30. Obituary:   The Hon. Henry Hannen 303
31. General Index 305

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