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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 44  1932  page v + vi



List of Officers, x,; List of Local Secretaries, xii; Societies in Union, xiii; Rules, xiv;
    Honorary Members, and Affiliated Societies, xx; List of Members, xx; Report for Year
    ending 31st December, 1931 xli; Cash Accounts for 1931 li
1. Kent in Early Road Books of the Seventeen Century. By E. G. Box  01
2. The Financial aspect of the Cult of St Thomas of Canterbury. By C. Eveleigh Woodruff, M.A. 13
3. An Old View of Tonbridge. By Aymer Vallance. 33
4. The List of Saxon Churches in the Textus Roffensis. By Gordon Ward, M.D., F.S.A 39
5. Tonge Castle. By A. H. A. Hogg 60
6. The Tapestries from Canterbury Cathedral. By Aymer Vallance 67
7. Milton next Sittingbourne Wills—I, Ade to Cot. By Arthur Hussey 79
8. Donations of Manors to Christ Church, Canterbury, and Appropriation of Churches. By E. G. Box 103
9. The Dating of Timber Houses in the Weald of Kent. By the late Halford L. Mills 120
10. The Grammar Free School at Tenterden. By A. H. Taylor 129
11. The Ropers and their Monuments in Lynstead Church. By Aymer Vallance 147
12. Richborough—Lambese. By C. W. Knox  165
13. Villages on the Wantsum Channel. By George P. Walker 172
14. Two Lost Brasses. By Fane Lambarde 187
15. The Evolution of the Holmsdale: No. 3: The Manor of Sundrish. By Herbert W. Knocker, F.S.A. 189
16. The Old Telegraph from London the the Coast of Kent. By Miss A. G. Hardy 211

Contents continued page vi

17. Some aspects of the East Kent Wool Trade in the thirteenth Century. By R. A. Pelham, M.A. 218
18. The Swiss Stainedb Glass Windows in the Churches of Patrixbourne and Temple Ewell.
    By N. E. Toke

19. St Stephen's Church, Hackington and its possible connection with Archbishop with
   Archbishop Baldwin. By Surgeon-Captain Kenneth H. Jones, M.B., R.N.,  
   with an appendix on the Rood. By Aymer Vallance

20. King James II at Faversham. By Sydney Wilson 269
21. Miscellaneous Notes:
   Pottery Finds at Sevenoaks
   Consecration Crosses at Milton Regis
   The French Prisoner at Groombridge
   The Roman Road through Edenbridge
   Two Helmets in Lullingstone Church 
   Note on the Arms of Weston of Cranbrook and Tenterden
   Sir Andrew Judde—A Postscript
   The Carved Bench-Ends in Badlesmere Church
   A Sixteenth Century Warrant
   A Roman Coin and Abacus Counters from Romney Marsh
22. Reviews:
   "St. Thomas Becket in Art." By Tancred Borenius
"The History and Records of Ightham Church." By Sir Edward Harrison
"The Story of Canterbury Castle and the Dane John and its Manor." By Dorothy Gardiner
   "A Short History of Holy Trinity Church, Margate." By Hugh Merscy Walton 
Sands, Clays and Minerals"
23. Reports of Proceedings, 1931 290
24. Records Branch, Reports and Accounts, 1931 297
25. The Library 301
26. Obituary:
   Augustus Alfred Arnold, F.S.A
   Arthur Randall Davis
27. General Index 307

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