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List of Officers, x; List of Local Secretaries, xii; Societies in Union, xiii; Rules, xiv;
    Honorary Members, and Affiliated Societies, xx; List of Members, Report for Year
    ending 31st December, 1929 xli; Cash Accounts for 1929 ii
1. The New Romney and Cinque Port Records. 
   By Major Teichman-Derville, O.B.E., M.A., Mayor of New Romney

2. Sittingbourne Wills - Fur to Nor (continued). By Arthur Hussey 37
3. Two Chalk Wills. By Aymer Vallance 57
4. Lydd Church. By Grevile Mains Livett, B.A., F.S.A., Hon. Canon of Rochester 61
5. Some Seventeenth Century Letters and Petitions from the Muniments of the
   Dean and Chapter of Canterbury. By The Rev. C. Eveleigh Woodruff, M.A.

6. Stourmouth Church. By The Rev. A. H. Collins, M.A. 141
7. A Note on the Yokes of Otford. By Gordon Ward, M.D. 147
8. The Roman Site at Otford (Second Article). By Bertram W. Pearce, M.A. 157
9. Bayhall,, Pembury. By Mrs. R. Mascall Curteis and Lady Hawley, with a
    Note on Dame Dorothy Selby and the Gunpowder Plot by Sir Edward Harrison

10. The "Bounds" of Ightham Parish. A Record of 1805. By Sir Edward Harrison 179

Contents continued page vi

11. The Opus Alexandrinum and Sculptured Stone Roudels in the Retro-Choir of Canterbury Cathedral.
   By N. E. Toke 

12. Aldington Font. By V. J. Torr 223
13. A Note on Minster Court and Tripartite Churches. By Canon O. M. Livett, F.S.A 225
14. Miscellaneous Notes:
   A Mammoth Tusk from Sittingbourne
   A Roman Pot from Otford
   A Note on Cranbrook Church Inventory
   Leeds Castle
   Chalice Brass Indent at Whitstable
   Discovery at Mersham
   Roman Dover
15. Reviews:
   "Rochester Bridge." By M. Janet Becker 
"Dover Priory." By C. R. Haines
"Kent." By S. E. Winbolt 
"The Story of an Outpost Parish." By F. J. Hammond
"The Ancient Bridges of the South of England." By E. Jervoise
16. The K.A.S. Library: list of books, etc., recently added 249
17. Report of Proceedings 1929 255
18. Obituary:
   The Rev. Waterman Gardner-Waterman

19. Editorial Review 274
20. General Index 275

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