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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 36  1923  page v + vi



List of Officers, Societies in Union, x;  Rules and Honorary Members, xiii;  List of Members, xvi;  Abstract of Proceedings, 1921-23 . xxxiii; Cash Accounts for 1921-22 xlii
1. The Picture of Queen Ediva in Canterbury Cathedral. By C. Eveleigh Woodruff, M.A. 01
2. The Family of William Longchamp, Bishop of Ely, Chancellor and Juticiar of England, 11901191.
   By Agnes Ethel Conway       Addendum

3. Minster in Sheppey: Notes on Two Brasses in the Church. By Ralph Griffin, Secretary M.A. 43
4. Ash near Sandwich Wills - Ire to Oxt. By Arthur Hussey 49
5. A Roman Cemetery Discovered at Ospringe 1920. By W. Whiting 65
6. Churchwardens' Accounts of the Parish of St Andrew, Canterbury, 1485 to 1625: PART V., 159-1625
  By Charles Cotton, O.B.E., F.R.C.P.E., M.R.G.S. Eng

7. Abbot Foche's Grace Cup. By the Rev. R. U. Potts, M.V.O., F.S.A 123
8. A Note on the Early History of Cranbrook School. By Leland L. Duncan, M. V.O., F.S.A 127
9. An Inscription in Little Chart Church. By Ralph Griffin, Secretary S. A. 131

Contents continued page vi

10. Notes on Helmets in Little Chart Church. By Major Victor Farqurhson 143
11. A Fourteenth- Century Altarpiece from Sutton Valence. By .R. P. Bedford 149
12. General Notes and Correspondence
   Rochester Bridge
   Monumental Inscription in memory of Richard Austen and his daughter Elizabeth
   Nettlestead Church
   Addendum to the Family of William Longchamp. (See page 15.)
13. Obituary
   The Right Hon. Baron Northbourne
   Thomas Shipdem Frampton, B.C.L., F.S.A
   John Churchill
   Walter Charles Stunt
14. Review 165
15. Index of Papers in "Archaeologia Cantiana" Vols. XX. TO XXXV 167
16. General Index 177

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