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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 34  1920  page 59
ASH next Sandwich WILLS - Part 1  By Arthur Hussey

and Baldewin Eulysoolye, each have 40s. Residue of goods to wife Matilda, who with Thomas Hardes and John Oxinden, my ex’ors. Feoffees : Henry Oldcastell, Thomas Hardes and John Oxinden. That a chaplain receive all the profits coming from my Manor of Nelmys, also a certain yearly rent of 15s. from one tenement in the parish of St. Peter, next the Cornmarket in the town of Sandwich, to celebrate in the choir, or chapel of St. Mary in the church of Ash, for my soul, wife Matilda, and our parents, etc., during twenty years, and after the twenty years the Manor of Nelmys and rent of 15s. to my daughter Elianore and her heirs. That my tenement in Sandwich called the Houe, formerly the Swan, after the death of John Kyryell, remain to Elianore my daughter and her heirs for ever, but if she interfere in this my Will, then my Manor of Nelmys and tenement in Sandwich be sold, and the money in works of charity by my Ex’ors. That John Noryes have two messuages in the parish of St. Mary, Sandwich, and to his issue for ever, but if he die without issue, then to my right heirs. All debts, etc., to be paid with the money in the hands of John Noryes my son [in law], to be received by my Ex’ors.       [No probate.] (Con. Vol. I., fol. 71.)

   8 Oct. 1457. Buried in the choir of the church, near the body of the said Roger. To the use of ornaments specially necessary at the high altar 5 marcs. To the fabric of the nave (corpus) of the same church 5 marcs. That John, the son of John Norys and Alianore his wife, have one cloak of crimson furred with martens, a dagger, sword, pair of brigandines, and all armour for the body of Roger my husband. To Katherine Brome 40s, ; and the Nuns of Sheppey to pray for my soul and parents 40s. ; to Dom. William Wynchepe, monk of Christ Church, Canterbury, 20s. ; Benedict Pawcherst 20s. and a kirtle of murrey, pair of blankets and sheets, and a coverlet ; Alice Septvans have all the fine linen (flammeole) called paris kerchieffs. Thomas Symson my godson have 20s. yearly for seven years. To the White Friars at Sandwich 20s. To Ash church a chalice, and a cloak of red damask for a vestment to be made for the high altar. Thomas Derwent and his wife Margerie have a pair of blankets and sheets, a coverlet, and 20s. Ex’ors : John Norreyes of Ash and John Westcliff* of Sandwich
. * Mayor of Sandwich, 1464-5,

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