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    Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 32  1917  page 77

                       RECULVER AND HOATH WILLS. By Arthur Hussey


THE following abstracts of the early wills proved in the Consistory Court at Canterbury are of the parishioners of Reculver and loath, two parishes on the east side of Herne, of which place the wills are printed in Archaeologia Cantiana, Vols. XXVIII. and XXX. The various forms of the names are as they occur in the wills, and the testators are of Reculver unless otherwise stated. The customary commending the soul to God and the Saints, etc., and bequests to the high altar for tithes forgotten are omitted. In Testamenta Cantiana (East Kent), the extra volume in 1904, will be found particulars as to the altars, lights, etc., in the church of Hoath, p. 167, and Reculver, p. 253.

Three parishioners desire to be buried in the church: John Rechefield in 1462 and William Richfield in 1491 in the chancel. Also William Aleyn in 1489 in the church against St. Annís altar, leaving the usual 6s. 8d. for the burial charge or fee.

The Rood.
   Joan, widow of Henry Germyn, in 1489 gave 6s. 8d. to the work of the new crucifix in the church. 
   Joan, widow of William Richfield, in 1495 left to God and the church two new images of St. Mary and St. John, to stand on either side of the crucifix in the roodloft, and to be made in proportion to the crucifix in wood by a carver, and be set up within a year of her death.

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