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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 29  1911  page v + vi



List of Officers, Societies in union  x,  Rules and Honorary Members  xiv,  List of Members xvii
   Cash Accounts for 1909 and 1910 xxxiii,  Proceedings, Reports, etc., 1908 to 1910 xliii
   Society Excursion to Thanet 1910 - Richborough Castle. By Mr. St. John Hope  lvii, 
   Richborough Church. By the Rev. G. M. Livett  lxi, The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin,
   Eastry. By the Rev C.D. Lampen, Woodnesborough Church. By the Rev. F. Savage  lxxii
Researches and Discoveries in Kent, 190810. By George Payne, F.S.A. lxxvi
MSS. relating to Christ Church, Canterbury, at Corpus Cristi College, Oxford By the Rev. H. Salter  lxxxv
List of Book and Maps added to the Library in 19091910  1xxxvi
Dates of Meetings of the Society since 1858 1xxxviii
1. The Owners of Allington Castle, Maidstone (1086-1279). By Agnes B. Conway 01
2. A Series of Kentish Heraldic Fire-Backs and the identification of the Arms. By H. S. Cowper, F.S.A. 40
3. A Monastic Chronicle lately discovered at Christ Church, Canterbury, with Introduction and Notes. 
    By the Rev. C. Eveleigh Woodruff, .M.A.

4. Newlands Chapel.  By H. Bensted, Esq. 85

contents continued page vi

5. Notes on former Owners of Newlands Chapel. By Arthur Hussey, Esq. 87
6. A Fourteenth-Century Court Roll of the Manor of Ambree, Rochester. By A. A. Arnold, F.S.A. 89
7. The Cobhams and Moresby's of Rundale and Allington. By G.. O. Bellewes 154
8. The Last Savages of Bobbing. By G.O. Bellewes 164
9. Some Timber-Framed Houses in the Kentish Weald. By H. S. Cowper, Esq. 169
10. Kentish Annals in Lambeth Library. By S. W. Kershaw, M.A., F.S.A. 206
11. Chapels in Kent. By Arthur Hussey, Esq. 217
12. Medieval Hospitals in Kent 259
13. Abraham Hill, F.R.S., of St John's, Sutton-at-Hone. By R. H. Ernest Hill, A.R.I.B.A 268
14. An Unpublished Record of Archbishop Parker's Visitation 1573. By Claude Jenkins 270
15. Notes from the Parish Registers of Maidstone. By Herbert Monckton, Esq. 319
16. Notes of the Great North Window of Canterbury Cathedral.  By John D. le Couteur; Esq. 323
17. General Index 333

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