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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 28  1909  page v + vi



List of Officers, Societies in Union  x,  Rules  xiv,  List of Members xvii,
   Cash Accounts for 1905 to 1908  xxxiii,  Proceedings, Reports, etc., 1905 to 1908 li
Ashford Church. Paper read by Canon A. J Pearman at Ashford Meeting  lxxviii
Researches and Discoveries in Kent, 1905-7. By George Payne, F.S.A lxxxviii, Obituary xcvii, 
Notice of Books and Maps added to Library  xcix, Horsmonden Church.  civ, Editorial Note  cvii
1. Folkestone Parish Church. By W. L. Rutton, F.S.A. 01
2. MSS. Relating to Goudhurst and Neighbourhood. By R. H. Ernest Hill, A.R.I.B.A 10
3. Pedigree of the Family of De Fynes. By W. L. King 22
4. Cinque Ports. Notes from Minute Books of the Corporation of Faversham. By  F. F. Giraud 28
5. Appendix to Visitations of the Archdeacon of Canterbury. By Arthur Hussey 75
6. Herne Wills Abstracts. By Arthur Hussey 83
7. Church Plate in Kent. No. IV.  By the Rev C. E. Woodruff, M.A. 115
8. Stained Glass Windows of Nettlestead Church. By W. E. Ball 157

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9. Nettlestead Church
   Architectural Notes. By Rev. G. M. Livett, F.S.A.
Extracts from Notes. By Rev. W. F. Cobb .
10. Staplehurst Register. By J. S. ff. Chamberlain, M.A.  283
11. Bredhurst Paten. 301
12. Architectural Notes on Patrixbourne Church. By Rev. G. M. Livett, F.S.A 305
13. Vicars, Masters or Provosts, and Perpetual Curates of the Church of St Gregory and
   St Martin, Wye. By Rev. T. S. Frampton, F.S.A

14. Church of St Peter at Pembury. By W. Townsend Storrs 327
15. Allington Castle. By Sir W. Martin Conway, M.A., F.S.A. 337
16. Sybill  Arms at Little mote, Eynsford. By George C. Druce 363
17. Sybill of Eynsford and Farningham. By R. H. Ernest Hill, A.R.I.B.A. 373
18. Old Chimney-Piece from Back's House, Milton-by-Sittingbourne. By Aymer Vallance, F.S.A. 376
19. Ightham Church - Cawne Window and Monument. 379
20. General Index 381

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