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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 28  1909  page 373

Sybill of Eynsford and Farningham By R. H. Ernest Hill, A.R.I.B.A.


IN the pedigree of this family, printed in Arch. Cant., Vol. XXVI., there are some errors, which recent research has enabled me to correct. On page 85 I stated: "No children named in will of Edward Sibell, but Philipot mentions ‘a daughter and heir married to. .. . Hide;" and on page 89:
"In the undermentioned Chancery suit, in which Ann Hope was plaintiff, she distinctly states that her uncle Edward died without issue, and no children are mentioned in his will. Philipot, however, remarks that ‘Edward Sibill, the last of this name, resolved into a daughter and heir, married to
Hide.’" This vague remark of Philipot is only partly true, in as much as a Sybill lady did marry a Hyde, but she was not the daughter of Edward Sybill. Her own name and those of her father and husband are supplied by the inscription on the 

latter’s brass, formerly in Tisbury Church, Wilts. Illustrations occur in bare’s History of Wilts, 1822, vol. iv., p. 147, and in Edward Kite’s Monumental Brasses of Wilts, 1860, plate xxvi. The brass exhibited figures of the husband and wife with their children, standing on a tiled floor shewn in perspective, and under canopies of classical detail. The marginal inscription, partly missing, ran as follows: "This Lawrence Hyde was ye thirde sone of Robert Hyde of . . . . sones by Anne his wife being ye daughter of Nicholas Sibell of Chimbhams in ye cou’ty of Kent esquier... Hamonet and Edward died in their infancy the rest survived their father."
Anne Sibell was therefore probably the daughter of Edward Sibell’s grand-uncle Nicholas of Chimhams (see

Page 373

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