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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 23  1898  page v + vi



Lists of Officers, x—xiii; Rules, xiv; List of Members, xvi, Illustration Fund  xxxiii, Cash Account for 1897
   xxxiv, Proceedings, Reports, etc, 1897 and 1898  xxxvi, Obituary Notices. Rev. W. A Scott Robertson. lii,
   Rev. J. Cave-Browne.  M.A. lxi,  Excursion to the Deal Area xlviii
1. Roman Discoveries. By George Payne, F.L.S., F.S.A 01
2. Henry VIII’s Castles at Sandown, Deal, Walmer, Sandgate and Camber. By W. L. Rutton, F.S.A. 24
3. The Burial-Place of Archbishop Courtenay. By M. Beazeley, F.R.G.S. 31
4. The Will of William Courtenay, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1396.
   Edited by Leland L. Duncan, F.S.A.

5. Suspected Persons in Kent. By A. Rhodes 68
6. The Ruined Chapel of St Katherine at Shorne, Kent. Part II.  By George M. Arnold, F.S.A. 78
7. Shurland House. By the late Rev. J. Cave-Browne, M.A. 86
8. Preliminary Account of "Notes on the Textus Roffensis. By Dr F. Libermann". 
   By A. A. Arnold, F.S.A.

9. Notes on the Textus Roffensis. By Dr. P. Liebermann, Berlin 101
10. Coats of Arms in Kent Churches. Part II. Collected by Rev.Carus Vale Collier 113
11. Ecclesiological Notes Respecting the Deanery of Shoreham, Kent. By Leland L. Duncan, F.S.A. 134
12. The Churches of Sittingbourne and Milton. By F. Grayling 150

contents continued page vi

13. The Cinque Ports and Great Yarmouth Bailiffs' Report, 1588. Transcript by W. L. Rutton, F.S.A. 161
14. Otham Rectors. By the late Rev. J Cave-Browne, M.A. 184
15. The Architectural History of the Cathedral Church and Monastery of St Andrew at Rochester.
   By W. H. St. John Hope, M.A.

16. Old Sevenoaks. By George F. Carnell, F.R.H.S. 329
17. Rushenden. By John Copland 334
18. Richard Lovelace of Bethersden. By James Roberts, F.R.G.S. 337
19. Note on "Relics of Painting in Canterbury Cathedral."  By Thomas B. Blackman 339
20. General Index 341

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