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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 22  1897  page v + vi



Lists of Officers, x—xiii; Rules, xiv; List of Members, xvi-xxxii, Illustration Fund, xxxiii,
   Cash Accounts, 1895 and 1896  xxxiv, Proceedings, Reports, etc., 1895 and 1896  xxxix
   Excursion to the Cranbrook Area 1895 xli,   Excursion to the Sittingbourne and Sheppey Area 1896 xlv
Researches and Discoveries in Kent. By George Payne, F.L.S., F.S.A. xlix
Canterbury Cathedral: Thirteenth Centenary Appeal lxiii
1. St Martin's Church, Canterbury. By Rev. C. F. Routledge, F.S.A.. 01
2. Inventory of Church Goods of Maidstone. By Rev. C. .Eveleigh Woodruff, M.A. 29
3. Relics of Decorative Painting now or formerly in Canterbury Cathedral. By Canon Scott Robertson 34
4. Detached Campanile of Benenden Church. By Canon Scott Robertson 45
5. The Roman Villa at Darenth. By George Payne, F.L.S., F.S.A. 49
6. The Rectors of Pluckley, Kent, for upwards of Six Hundred Years. 
  By Rev. Francis Haslewood, F.S.A.

7. Visitation Articles. By Rev. Francis Haslewood, F.S.A. 102
8. Pevington and Its Rectors. By Rev. Francis Haslewood, F.S.A. 109
9. The Family of Hyde, of Bore Place and Sundridge. By Rev. W. G. D. Fletcher, MA., F.S.A. 112
10. On the Landing Place of St Augustine. By George Dowker, F. G.S. 123
11. Minster in Sheppey. By Rev. T. Cave-Browne, M.A. 144
12. Notes on the Municipal Records of Queenborough. By Rev. U. Eveleigh Woodruff, .M.A. 169

contents continued page vi

13. Coats of Arms in Kent Churches. Collected by Rev. Carus Vale Collier 186
14. The Weald and Its Refugee Annals. By S. W. Kershaw, F.S.A. 209
15. Cranbrook Church. By Rev. J. Cave-Browne, M.A. 221
16. The Knight Hospitallers in Kent. 232
17. Davington Priory. By Rev. Carus Vale Collier, B.A., F.S.A. 275
18. The Renunciation of the Papal Authority by the Clergy of West Kent, 1534. By Leland L. Duncan, 293
19. The Manor of Old Sore (sic Soar), near Plaxtol in Kent. By J. F. Wadmore 310
20. Wages paid at Maidstone in Queen Elizabeth's Reign.
   Transcribed by Rev. U. Eveleigh Woodruff,  M.A.

21. General Index 321
Report on the Transcription and Publication of Parish Registers etc 1896 403

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