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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 20  1893  page 1

KENTISH ADMINISTRATIONS, A.D. 1604 TO 1649.  By Leland L. Duncan
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The following records of the Grant of Administration of the effects, etc., of persons dying intestate, have been extracted from the Administration Act Books of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, now at Somerset House. They comprise all the entries relating to the County of Kent to be found therein from 1559 (the first of the existing Act Books) to 1603, and are here printed in tabular form to facilitate reference. With the same object the division of the various years adopted in the official calendars of the grants has been followed, Mid the folio of the Act Book has been placed against each entry.
   In making the extracts consanguineus has been rendered "kinsman," and prox. consanguineus as "next of kin."
   Unless otherwise stated, the surname of the person to whom the administration was granted may always be taken to be the same as that of the deceased.
   It should be noted that the division of the years here followed is that of the New, or present, Style, but the entries themselves are dated in the Old Style.

31 December 1559 to 31 December 1563


Name of deceased


To whom granted, and relation to deceased

Date of





ATTERBURY, John generous
BUSHOPP, Richard
BROWN, Ralph

BORAGE, Andrew

BIRDE, Henry




Johan, relict. [Vide Otterbury]
John, brother
Katherine, relict, and John Brown, 
   senior, son
Andrew, Anthony, and Thomas, 
   nephews and next of kin
Henry, son; Anna his relict, now wife of
 Robert Clark [who, according to the
 Court Act Book, was of St Dunstan's in
 the East, London], not administering
George, brother
7 Aug. 1561.
13 March 1559
30 April

30 April 1563

15 Oct. 1560

18 June 1563

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