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List of Officers, x—xiii; Rules, xiv; List of Members, xvi-xxxii; Illustration Fund xxxiii; Cash Account 1886 xxxiv; Proceedings 1886-7 xxxvii   Excursion to the Tunbridge Wells Area 1887  xlvii
1. Ancient Stained Glass in Westbere Church. By E P. Loftus Brock, F.S.A. 01
2. Roman remains at Walmer and Ramsgate.  By George Dowker, F.G.S. 04
3. A Saxon Cemetery at Wickhambreaux. By George Dowker, F.G.S. 06
4. A Roman Lead Coffin at Plumstead. By George Payne, F.S.A. 10
5. Report on the Records of New Romney. By Edward Salisbury 12
6. Roman Remains found recently at Canterbury. By George Dowker, F.G.S. 34
7. Sculptured Head of Knight in Canterbury Cathedral. By  Canon Scott Robertson, M.A. 37
8. Scotney Castle  By Edward Hussey 38
9. Darell Pedigree 46
10. Rainham Church. By Rev. A. J Pearman, M.A. 49
11. Ancient Episcopal Palace at Rochester, and Bishop Fisher. By William Brenchley Rye 66
12a. Accounts of St Dunstan's Church, Canterbury Part II., A.D.1508-80. By J Meadows Cowper 77
12b. Remarks of the Accounts of St Dunstan's Church, Part II., A.D.1508-80. By J M Cowper 140
13. Inventory (A.D. 1485) or Vestments at St Andrew's, Canterbury. By J Meadows Cowper 150
14. Potters' Names on Pseudo-Samian Ware found in Kent. By George Payne, F.L.S., .F.S.A 153
15. "Rochester Bridge." A Poem written in A.D. 1601. Communicated by William Brenchley Rye 161
16. Quarry House on Findsbury Hill. By Aug. A. Arnold 169
17. Boley Hill, Rochester. By G. L. Gomme, F.S.A. 181

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18. Roman remains and a Celt, found near Quarry House, Findsbury.  By Aug. A. Arnold 189
19. Thomas Smythe, of Westhanger, commonly called Customer Smythe. By J .F.Wadmore 193
20. Discovery of a hoard of Roman Coins at Springhead. By Roach Smith, F.S.A 209
21. Rochester Bridge in A.D. 1561. By Aug. A. Arnold 212
22. Church Plate in Kent. Parochial Inventories: Acrise to Canterbury.
   By Canon Scott Robertson, M.A.

23. Expense-Book of James Master, Esq. Part III., A.D. 1658—1663. 
    By Mrs. Dalison and Canon Scott Robertson

24. Dalison Documents: Letters of Tomas Stanley of Hamptons, 1636—50.
   By Mrs. Dalison and Canon Scott Robertson

25. Cobham Hall: Letters to the last Duke of Lenox, A.D. 1667—72. With Notices of the Dutch Fleet
   in the Thames, A.D. 1667 (p. 378); and the Walsingham Pedigree (p. 390).
        By Canon Scott Robertson, M.A.

26. Cobham Hall: Inventory of furniture and pictures in 1672. Edited by Canon Scott Robertson, M.A. 392
27. Notes on J. Russell Smith's Bibliotheca Cantiana. By W. Brenchley Rye 409
28. General Index 411

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