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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 15  1883  page v + vi



Proceedings, 1882—83 :—Balance Sheet xxxiv,xxxv
Excursion to the Maidstone Area 1882 xxxvii,   Excursion to the Ashford Area 1883  xlvii
1. Early Kent Armory. By William Smith Ellis 01
2. De L’Angle Pedigree. By Henry Wagner, F.S.A. 31
3. Du Moulin Pedigree. By Henry Wagner, F S A 34
4. Christianity in Britain in Roman Times. By E. P. Loftus Brock, F.S.A. 38
5. Note on Discoveries at St Martin's, Canterbury. By Rev. Canon Routledge 56
6. On the Premonstratensian Abbey at West Langdon. By W. H. St John Hope, B.A. 59
7. Traces of Roman Occupation in and near Maidstone.  By Rev Canon Scott Robertson 68
8. Palaeolithic Implements found in West Kent. By  F. C. J. Spurrell, F.G.S. 89
9. Discovery of foundations of Roman Buildings, and other remains near Lower Halstow.
    By George Payne, .F.S.A.

10. Roman Urns for near Rainham Creek. By : Humphrey Wood 108
11. On Restoration House, Rochester. By W. Brenchley Rye 111
12. History of  Restoration House, Rochester. By Stephen T.  Aveling 117
13. On Roman Tessellated Pavements.  By. C. Roach Smith, F.S.A 127
14. On Painted Panels at Sandwich. By  Thomas Dorman 142
15. Leeds Castle. By  Canon Scott Robertson 148
16. The Expense Book of James Master Esq., of Yotes Court, Mereworth. AD 1646-55, transcribed
   by Mrs Dalison of Hamptons, and edited with introduction by Canon Scott Robertson

17. The Rectors of Clyffe (sic Cliffe) at Hoo.  By Canon Scott Robertson 217

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18. Clyffe (sic Cliffe) at Hoo Rectory House. By the late Rev  H. R. Lloyd, M.A. 255
19. Records (A.D. 1288 to 1872) of the Church and Benefice of Clyffe (sic Cliffe) at Hoo.
    Communicated by the Rev. Iorwerth Grey Lloyd, M.A.

20. Kent Fines, 15—20 Edward II. By James Greenstreet 273
21. On three Roman Tumuli in Gorsley Wood, near Bridge and Canterbury. 
   By the Rev. F. T. Vine,. .MA.

22. On a Roman Cemetery Discovered at Westbere, near Canterbury. By George Payne, F. S. A. 318
23. On a hoard of Roman Coins found near Cobham Hall. By C. Roach Smith 321
24. On Wall Paintings discovered in Findsbury Church.  By W. H. St. John Hope, F.S.A. 331
25. Churchwardens' Accounts at Rainham, Kent in the Reigns of Henry VIII. and Elizabeth,
    A.D. 1517-19, and 1565-69. By Rev. John Walter

26. Roman Canterbury (Durovernum). By Canon Scott Robertson . 338
27. The Roman Villa at Wingham Part II. By George Dowker,  F.G.S. 351
28. Extracts from Great Mongeham Registers. By Rev. J.B. Harrison. 358
29. Original Documents :—
   Rent Roll of Willesborough, temp Ed. II. By Rev T. S. Frampton
   Grant of Land in Dudindale A.D. 1236. By Rev. T. S. Frampton
   Brief for the Tower of Queenborough Church, A.D. 1636.
      By Josiah Hall (Mayor of Queenborough)
   Chislehurst and John Scot. By James Greenstreet
   East Barming Register
   Gundolf's Latin Bible. By Sir Thomas Phillipps and W. Brenchley Rye.



30. Publications respecting Kentish Archaeology. Reviewed by Canon Scott Robertson 369
31. Inventory of Beds, Tapestry, and Linen at Leeds Castle, A.D. 1532. By  Canon Scott Robertson 382
32. Dalison Documents.  By Canon Scott Robertson 386
33. Dalison Pedigree. By Canon Scott Robertson 402
34.. General Index 405

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