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        Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 14  1882  page v + vi



Proceedings, 1880-81 :-23rd Annual Meeting and Report, 24th Annual Meeting and Report (Canterbury)
   Excursion to the Tenterden Area 1880   Excursion to the Canterbury Area 1881
   Canon's Houses at Wingham l-lii
1. The Family of Guildford  By the Rev. Canon R. C. Jenkins  01
2. Smarden Church  by the Rev  Francis  Haslewood 18
3. Roman Lead Coffin discovered at Canterbury.  By C. Roach Smith, F.S.A. 35
4. The Early History of Tenterden. By Robert Furley, F.S.A. 37
5. Bried Notes on the Hales Family. By the Rev R. Cox Hales 61
6. On some wrought Flints found at West Wickham. By George Clinch 85
7. Appledore Church.. By the Rev. E. M. Muriel 91
8. The Church of Stone in Oxney.  By the Rev E. M. Muriel 98
9. Roman Foundations at St Pancras, Canterbury. By the  Rev Canon Routledge 103
10. St Martins Church, Canterbury. By the  Rev Canon Routledge 108
11. Ickham Church, its Monuments and its Records. By the Rev  Scott Robinson 113
12. The Roman Villa at Wingham. By George Dowker, F.G.S. 134
13. St Radegund's Praemonstratensian Abbey. By W. H. St John Hope B.A. 140
14. Richard Tichbourne's House of Crippenden in Cowden. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson 153
15. Adisham Church. By  Rev H. Montagu Villiers 157
16. Forty Rectors of Adisham. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson 162

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17. Patricksbourne (sic Patrixbourne) Church, and Bifrons. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson 169
18. Municipal Archives of Faversham. By Francis F. Giraud  185
19. Briefs in the Parish of Cranbrook. By W. Tarbutt  206
20. Wills and other Records Relating to the Family of Hodsoll. By James Greenstreet 223
21. Kent Fines, 1015 Edward II. By James Greenstreet 241
22. Christ Church, Canterbury; a Chronological Conspectus of Its Architecture.
    By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson

23. Inventories of Parish Goods in Kent  A.D. 1552. 
   By the late Rev. MacKenzie Walcott and the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson

24. Queen Mary's responsibility for Parish Goods seized in 1553. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson 313
25. Tonbridge Priory. By James F. Wadmore, A.R.I.B.A. 326
26. Church of All Saints, Woodchurch. By the Rev S. B. Wells 344
27. Rectors of Woodchurch. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson 354
28. Harlakenden Family. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson 358
29. Smallhythe Church. By the Rev. Francis Haslewood 362
30. Chapel at Horne's Place, Appledore. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson 363
31. On a Hoard of Roman Coins found in the Sand Hills near Deal. By C. Roach Smith, F.S.A 368
32. On Kentish Rood Screens. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson 370
33. Church of Saints. Eastchurch, Sheppey. By the Rev. Canon Scott Robertson 374
34. General Index 389

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