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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 14  1882  page 240

Wills and other Records relating to the Family of Hodsoll By James Greenstreet continued

Inscription on gravestone in Hadlow churchyard, communicated to me 31 May, 1876, by J. H. Hodsoll, Esq., of Loose court.
"Here lieth the body of Reuben Hodsoll, of the parish of Wrotham, who departed this life 30 Deer 1791, aged 80 years;
   "Also of Ann his wife, daughter of Robt & Ann Barr of this parish, who departed this life May 27, 1741, in the 25th. year of her age, leaving one daughter, Ann."

In Wrotham churchyard are inscriptions to "Mary, wife of Reuben Hodsoll, died 29th Jany 1783, aged 67 years;" and to "Maxfield Hodsoll, born 11th JanY 1754, died 21st July 1837."

In Ightham churchyard (Feb. 1878).A tomb with the Hodsoll coat of arms upon it, and thus much of the inscription just decipherable: "Maxfield Hodsoll, aged 49; left issue 3 sons, Maxfield, Edmund, & Urbane; Mrs Isabell Hodsoll, wife of Maxfield, died 1755, aged 62." Also, on one side this inscription: "Here lies the body of Edmund, second son of Maxfield Hodsoll;" and, on the other side, this: "Here also lieth the body of Urbane Hodsoll."
Copied from fly-leaf of a book.( ? Family Bible) in the possession (as I am informed) of Mr. Edwin Watson, principal water-bailiff of Rochester.
Ann Hodsoll, daughter of Jno. Hodsoll & Martha Hodsoll his wife, was born Dec. 29, 1780, on Sunday.
   John Hodsoll, son of Jno. & Martha Hodsoll, was born June 6, 1785. He departed this life Feb. 15, 1788.
   Henry Hodsoll, son of Jno. & Martha Hodsoll, was born March 30, 1787. He departed this life May 9, 1787.
   Mary Hodsoll, daughter of Jno. & Martha Hodsoll, was born on Good Friday, March 21, 1788.
   Elizabeth Hodsoll, daughter of Jno. & Martha Hodsoll, was born May 22, 1790, on Saturday.
   John Hodsoll, son of John & Martha Hodsoll, was born June 11, 1792, on Monday.
   M.H.H.N. died June 27, 1837. [I dont know what this last entry means-J.G.]

Be Banco Roll, Easter Term, 19 Edw. II], membrane 107 dorso, Kent, To wit, "Oto de Grandissono," by his Attorney, versus Roger, son of Clement de Hodesole, and Thomas brother of the said Roger, respecting fee of said Otho at Esshe next ffaukham. (See Lay Subsidy Rolls, Kent No 123-14, A 12 Edw. III, membrane 21, Hundred of "Alkestane."" Thome de Hodsole, iiij s; Clem. de Hodesole, viij s.")
Close Roll, Ao 1 Hen. IV, part 1, membrane 15 dorso.19 Feb., Peter Pound, citizen and coppersmith, of London, summoned to answer to John Odeshole executor of the Testament of John Chipstede, of Sele, and to William Champeneys and Joan his wife, co-executrix with the aforesaid John Odeshole of the Testamentn aforesaid.

Page 240

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