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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 14  1882  page 238

Wills and other Records relating to the Family of Hodsoll By James Greenstreet continued

1701, William, son of Henry & Eliz. Hodsoll, bap. & buried 4 Oct.
1702, Elizabeth, dan. of Henry & Eliz. Hadsoll, bap. 30 Dec.
1703, Mary, dan. of Henry. & .Eliz. Hadsoll, bap. 22 Dec.
1705, Henry, son of Henry & Eliz. Hadsoll, bap. 3 July.
1707, Thos,* son of Henry Hadsol, of Hadlow, buried 25 Oct.
1719, John Hadsell buried 27 Sep.

1572, Alice Hodsoll married John Skinner May 18.
1573, Sibell Hodsoll married Thos Borman Feb. 20.
1606, Hodsoll—Mother—buried Sep. 8.
1641, Hodsoil—Margt—dau. of Thos, bap. 30 Jan.
1640, Hodson (sic)—Thomas—married Ann Moyse 2 Feb.
1676, Hodsall—bap. Jane, dan. of Maxfield, Sep. 10 & Nov. 21 
Sep. 10).
1674, Wm Hodsoll, at Plaxtol, married Jane Woodgate Oct. 29.
1744, August 12, Henry, the son of Reuben Hodsoll & Mary his wife, 
               was baptised.
          12 June 1764—Be it known to All whom it may concern, that upon
           looking back to the Entry of the Baptism of Ann Hodsoll as it is written
           in this Book on the 2nd Day of October 1745, we whose names are
           hereunder written, have found a mistake made in the christian name of
           the mother of the said Ann Hodsol, and do therefore testify from our
           personal knowledge of the Family of the said Ann Hodsoll that the
          christian name of the mother of the said Ann Hodsol, who is now living
          at Wrotham and is the widow of Thaos Hodsol, is not Jane, as is there
          entered by mistake, but Barbara, and that the entry should have been in
          this Form: Oct. 2, 1745, Ann, the daughter of Thos Hodsoll and of
          Barbara his wife, was baptized; and that the said Barbara Hodsol is the
          mother also of Sarah Hodsol, whose Baptism was afterwards rightly 
          entered on the 26th of July 1747.
                                                              John Potter, Rector and Vicar of Wrotham.
                                                              Thos Barnett, Curate of Wrotham.
                                                              Thos Fulljames, Churchwarden.
1756, March 21, Isaac, son of Reuben Hodsoll & Mary his wife, was baptised.
1784, March 14, Henry, son of Ann & Henry Hodsoll baptised.
1786, April 23, William, son of Henry Hodsoll & Ann his wife, bRptised.
1788, June 1, Thomas, son of Henry Hodsoll & Ann his wife, baptised.
1788, Nov. 9, James, son of Maxfield Hodsoll & Sarah his wife, baptised.
1814, Baptisms, April 18, born May 13, 1813, James Hacket, son—parents’
              names, James & Caroline Hodsoll.

Easter 20 Jas. 1.—Between John Hodsoll, gent., plaint if, and Thomas Hodsol, gent., and Dorothy his wife deforciants, of 20 acr. land and 2 acr. wood, with appurts., in Stansted. The defts..receive £41.
   Easter 7 Chas. I.—Betw. William Hodsoll, gent., plt., and John Hodsoll and Sarah his wife defts., in respect of property in Stansted. The deft:. receive £100.
Hilary 22 and 23 Chas. 11.—Edmund Hodsoll and Elizabeth his wife deft:., in respect of property in Kingsdowne, Ash-next-Ridley and St. Mary Cray. They receive £120.
   Hilary 29 and 30 Chas. II.—Betw. Robert Saunders junior, gent., plt., and John Hodsoll, gent., and Mary his wife, and Edmund Hodsoll, gent., defts., of
* See "Thos, son of Henry Hadsel, bap. 25 June 1707," in Hadlow Parish Register.

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